Alain Delon

Alain Delon ready to die? He has already planned everything concerning his last very particular refuge

With age, Alain Delon thinks about his end of life. A situation all the more normal as the latter has recently gone through certain difficulties. And if fans were wondering where he would reside for eternity, an answer has just fallen! Indeed, a sequence retracing his life broadcast on BFMTV has brought us some elements of response. We take stock of the subject for you.

Alain Delon, a busy life

He is one of the most emblematic figures of French cinema. And for good reason, the latter played in different masterpieces which will have marked the cinephiles. This is also where his notoriety comes from.

And even despite the passage of time, the latter continues to please ! The interest that fans have had for him for some time testifies to this. It is to this that the program “Red Line” owes its success when broadcasting the details of the life of the actor.

In recent years, Alain Delon has chained the dramas in his life. Between the departure of many relatives and his own worries, the latter had to fight to be where he is now. However, this does not prevent him from continuing to preserve himself.

As for his end of life, the actor has already thought of everything! Indeed, he would have already revealed the place where he would like to be buried once the time is right. Information that will have been revealed to fans during this BFMTV broadcast.

A lonely life for now?

From now on, Alain Delon lives in a rather solitary way. A way to protect himself given his fragile state of health but also to cling to the most important things. The latter would therefore reside in a fairly remote corner that has belonged to him for several years now.

According to the documentary released recently, the actor would have lived there with several of his companions. What make him unforgettable memories and which he surely does not intend to part with. The latter had notably decided to move in on the spot in 1970 when he was alongside Mireille Darc.

And even his son confirmed it recently. “It’s his world” had indeed affirmed Anthony Delon during one of his speeches. Especially since the actor seems to have made it a peaceful place conducive to relaxation.

If we believe the description of the place, we know that it is a castle with a Californian look. Between memories of filming and his private life, it is the ideal place for the latter to spend his remaining days. In particular, there are several pictures of Romy and other objects that are close to her heart.

Alain Delon: where will he be buried?

Once he is gone, Alain Delon wants to rest in a place that is familiar to him. And it is none other than on his property that he therefore plans to be buried. The latter had notably revealed that he wanted to spend eternity in “a rather special chapel” which is located on his estate.

It is therefore a place as legendary during his lifetime as once he is gone. What make Alain Delon particularly proud. Especially since he has already prepared for all eventualities and continues to maintain the premises.

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