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After the departure of Denitsa Ikonomova, an emblematic dancer slams the door of Dancing with the stars!

Only a few more months to wait before the final return of Dancing With The Stars! For fans of the TF1 show, this is very good news. But the latter surely did not expect this new season to include so much change. Several essential personalities of the program have indeed decided to withdraw for good. Who are they ? We’ll let you know the details right away!

A new season that promises to be thrilling in Dancing With The Stars!

The countdown has indeed started for fans of Dancing With The Stars. Fans of the show have seen some crisp news coming in recent weeks. We know in particular that the jury of this program has changed a little. And while some are leaving, other celebrities have joined the party.

Fans were particularly shocked to learn that Bilal Hassani would join the ranks of the Dancing With The Stars juries! A great discovery for fans who didn’t expect to find him on this side of the stage after being on the track. Indeed, the latter had been one of the candidates of the show during its last edition.

But this will not be the only change that we will encounter in this new edition of the program. It will indeed be necessary to realize that the arrival of certain personalities also marks the departure of other. And this is precisely what is happening among the leading dancers of the TF1 show.

Two stars of this program will indeed disappear for good and will not be among those who will be found. A situation that could cause the disappointment of fans of the show. We give you more details in the next lines.

Denitsa Ikonomova is leaving!

Rumors of his departure have been circulating on social networks for a few weeks. Information that has been confirmed by Denitsa Ikonomova herself! Indeed, the dancer and jury of Dancing With The Stars has decided to do not stack again for this new season.

A decision which she shared with the production after they offered her to return in the new season. Indeed, it would seem that this dancer has new projects underway. She also said goodbye to the show some time ago.

For those who do not know it yet, the former dancer of Dancing With The Stars would therefore plan to participate in a film. A step forward in her career that she certainly does not intend to miss. The latter is also in full preparation of a choreography for this masterpiece to come.

Dancing with the stars: another star is leaving!

In addition to Denitsa Ikonomova, another emblematic figure of Dancing with the stars is leaving! It is Maxime Dereymez ! Information recently confirmed by Clément Garin. Indeed, the latter would have been reprimanded following his attitude in the last season of the show.

The participant of Dancing With The Stars also wanted to give his opinion following this decision. “I think some people didn’t realize that my lack of a smile was due to my suffering,” he said!

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