A young designer launches a collection of tableware dedicated to the visually impaired - Edition du soir Ouest-France

A young designer launches a collection of tableware dedicated to the visually impaired – Edition du soir Ouest-France



Plates, bowls, platters, tablecloths, place mats, napkins… A whole new inclusive collection of crockery and table linen is about to see the light of day. Named Tact, the service will make life easier for the blind and visually impaired when it comes to setting the table, serving and eating. And this without stigmatizing them, thanks to elegant models, with discreet tactile markers. A crowdfunding launched since mid-May is open until July 11, 2022.

It’s pretty, refined, but also super-practical. Tact, a new collection of crockery and table linen dedicated to blind or visually impaired people is about to see the light of day, reported the newspaper The worldon May 13, 2022. The particularity of these objects? Plates, bowls and other tablecloths are tactile. That is to say that ceramics and fabrics have tactile markers on their surface: dashes, streaks and other dotted lines in relief. Like the raised dot braille alphabet, the symbols can be read with your fingertips. But they remain discreet.

The objective is that these patterns on the surface do not jump to the eyes of the seers. The designer who imagined this collection, Pauline Androlus, precisely wanted to create a service that is practical on a daily basis for users, but also elegant and suitable for use in restaurants, and above all non-stigmatising. There are already dishes dedicated to visually impaired people such as compartmentalized plates, but they are generally unattractive. “I noticed that what was offered for the visually impaired in the domestic world was stigmatizing and infantilizing, made with poor materials and coarse shapes”, says Pauline Androlus, quoted by The world.

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A project inspired by his grandmother

She then decided to start making her own collection of crockery and table linen. And inspiration, she finds it with her grandmother, suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD). It is by observing it that the idea was born: “I had noticed that she was implementing tricks to compensate for her loss of vision and was using touch more to cook,” continues Pauline Androlus in The world.

The young woman was at that time a student in design school. She baptizes this project “The eyes behind the head”, and designs a whole range, as part of her course.

Her studies have now been behind her for several years, but Pauline Androlus has just entered into a partnership with the tableware creation house Maison Fragile, which specializes in committed projects. The designer and the company launched a crowdfunding campaign in mid-May 2022 on the American platform Kickstarter. Funding has so far reached one third of the overall expected sum, set at €30,000, which must be reached no later than July 11, 2022, otherwise it will not be able to be collected to make the project a reality.

Plate, salad bowl, bowl, tablecloth, napkins…

On Kickstarter, the collection of Pauline Androlus is detailed. It is notably composed of plates with edges and compartmentalized zones thanks to distinct reliefs. Notches make it possible to place the dishes facing the associated compartments when serving the dish on the plate. There is also a salad bowl, identifiable with rectangular tactile reliefs, similarly with high edges, and equipped with an aesthetic rectangular handle reminiscent of the pouring spout and which facilitates handling.

The plate. (Photo: Kickstater/Maison Fragile screenshot)
The salad bowl. (Photo: Kickstater/Maison Fragile screenshot)

The service is also composed of bowls with ears and pouring spout, a serving dish, with rim and handle, cotton placemats with tactile markers that make it easier to set the table and identify the elements during of the meal. As well as a tablecloth and napkins also equipped with tactile markers.

The tablecloth. (Photo: Kickstater/Maison Fragile screenshot)

And to facilitate the service, bowls, plates, salad bowls fit together. The collection should be proposed, in a second time, in other colors, for ever more aestheticism.

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