Un couple de la télé-réalité victime d'un accident, l'influenceur est décédé sur le coup

A reality TV couple suffered an accident, the influencer died on the spot

The world of British reality TV is in mourning! Two stars of the show “Towie”, Yazmin Oukhellou and Jake McLean, were victims of a serious car accident on the road to Bodrum in Turkey this Sunday, July 3. The young man lost his life on the spot.

What happened ?

Yazmin Oukhellou and Jake McLean are British reality TV stars. Yazmin is an influencer and model. She became famous thanks to her participation in the show “Towie”.

It was also on the set of the show that the two lovebirds met. They formalized their relationship in 2021 and separated at the beginning of 2022. However, they remained close, they went to Turkey to sign a commercial contract when the accident happened.

Source: Capture Instagram

It was on the road to Bodrum that the drama happened, around 4:30 in the morning. The two stars reportedly got into a big argument when they were out clubbing around 3am. They then took the road, but alas, the young man, who was driving, would have lost control of the vehicle. This had then precipitated them into a cliff of about thirty meters.

The young woman was able to get out of it and called for help. Help arrived very quickly on the spot, but Jake could not be saved. For her part, Yazmin was rushed to hospital with serious injuries. The investigation has already begun, and according to initial investigations, the 33-year-old man allegedly committed a speeding violation. It remains to be seen whether he drove while intoxicated.

The reactions of their relatives

Following the announcement of the drama, many people were shocked and upset by the tragic death of Jake. Internet users and other “Towie” stars have sent their tributes through social networks. Others wished a good recovery to Yazmin, injured in the arms during the accident.

“The way the world lost you will haunt me forever because it makes no sense, rip jake you lit up a room and everyone who met you couldn’t help but love you,” said writes Georgia Harrison, a former contestant of Love Island, on Instagram.

As for her ex, Lauren Goodger, in her story there was this:

“RIP Jake, I have no words at the moment. My thoughts go out to your family and friends. »

As of now, the “Towie” star is still in hospital. She would have had surgery, but according to the latest news, her relatives have announced that she is currently in a “stable” condition. We wish him a speedy recovery. However, they weren’t the only reality TV stars who suffered tragedy that day.

Source: Capture Instagram

“We took a rock”

On July 3, the two candidates from Marseille, Julien and Manon Tanti, almost lost their lives at sea. It was an afternoon, the couple took a boat with friends to enjoy their vacation. Unfortunately, the trip turned into a nightmare.

Around 11 p.m., the boat struck some rocks and began to sink. Panicked, the Marseillais made a story in order to inform the public about their problem. Then it was his wife who continued to give news to their subscribers.

“We took a rock. It’s dark, we called the emergency services, but no one is coming. It’s awesome. I’m freaking out, I clearly had a fit of hysteria, it’s great, I feel like I’m on the Titanic, ”she explained to her subscribers through a video.

They called the emergency services, but they took the wrong boat, which made Manon panic. In addition, the rocks surrounding their boat made access very difficult. Fortunately, after a long wait, the rescuers finally arrived and the couple and their friends were saved.

A bad memory that the couple will certainly not forget. Lucky they didn’t bring their kids!

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