Un célèbre présentateur de TF1 victime d’un accident de la route à un moment crucial

A famous presenter of TF1 victim of a road accident at a crucial moment

TF1: There is no shortage of emblematic journalists on television. Indeed, it would quickly be possible to confuse the quality of a television news with the skills of the journalist who presents it. In fact, they are leading figures of television.

On TF1, there is no shortage of emblematic journalists either despite the retirement and then the tragic disappearance of Jean-Pierre Pernaut. He was obviously the most famous of all the journalists of the PAF and this reputation will not disappear with him.

We can cite her replacement, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, as a key figure in the channel. But don’t forget the 8 p.m. newscast. Indeed, Gilles Bouleau is also part of the daily life of TF1 viewers. As well as his replacement in title, the journalist Julien Arnaud. The evening compatriot of Jacques Legros, official joker of the 1 p.m. news.

However, Julien Arnaud almost missed out on a period conducive to highlighting his work. Last February, when the news was hotter than ever with the beginnings of the war in Ukraine, he was the victim of a road accident!

A TF1 journalist breaks his foot on a scooter, heading to the hospital

The replacement in title of Gilles Bouleau ensures the interim periods as a leader. The journalist is present for the unforeseen absences and for the extended holidays of his colleagues. Julien Arnaud is, like all his colleagues, passionate about current events.

So, although sometimes the news is heartbreaking or overwhelming, he is happy to be able to pass it on to the public. Precisely, during Gilles Bouleau’s February holidays, Julien Arnaud had the opportunity to talk about the war in Ukraine on the 8 p.m. news on TF1.

It was an honor for the journalist since without a doubt a historic moment. But now, as he confided recently during an interview with Pocket TVhe too was almost replaced during this period.

In effect, object told you above, Julien Arnaud was the victim of a road accident. While driving his scooter, the drama happened. And he also assumes that it is the burning nature of the news of the moment that will have got the better of his attention.

A testimony that sends shivers down your spine

Gilles Bouleau’s official joker actually admits that he must have had his head elsewhere… “I don’t know if there was a report in terms of adrenaline but shortly after the news, I crashed on my scooter and broke my foot. »he said.

Fortunately, the journalist was able to continue working despite his broken foot. object wasn’t kidding when we told you that Julien Arnaud is passionate about his job. It was therefore not a cast ankle that was going to keep him away from the TF1 news set.

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