a candidate for “Love is in the meadow” admitted to the emergency room after a serious accident!

a candidate for “Love is in the meadow” admitted to the emergency room after a serious accident!


He participated in the sixteenth season of Love is in the meadow and no doubt keeps excellent memories of it even if he did not find a shoe that suited him after filming the program ofM6 moderated by Karine Le Marchand. “He” is none other than Franck, this silviculturist had however found his half, Cécile, but their relationship unfortunately did not last as he confided to our colleagues from pure people when he gave the reasons for their separation.

“What made us separate is simple, it was all the comments that there were on the Internet. Women who allowed themselves to give advice to Cécile and who said that I was not a good guy. he explained before admitting that he had never thought that it could hurt so much. But that was probably nothing compared to the pain he felt a few days ago. Indeed, on his Instagram account, the candidate of Love is in the meadow announced terrible and disturbing news to his entire community after being the victim of a domestic accident.

First aid gestures saved him

“I have always encouraged training in first aid gestures. This morning, the scouts were preparing for their departure. I suggested that two of them come and feed the chickens food scraps that were not going to make the trip”he says in the first lines of his story before delivering a chilling testimony: “I enter the building and feel a sharp pain in the front of my foot. I pull it out violently and see a stream of blood flowing out of it, very abundantly. I planted my foot in a rigid fence panel, designed to make an aviary for the pigeons. It went in 10 cm and a vein was cut…” A situation that could have made many people lose their means, but not Franck who was lucky to be well surrounded at the time of the accident.

“I leave the room while the two pioneers run towards the first aid kit, and a sugary drink and sugars. One of them makes the point of compression in a masterful way. The elapsed blood is very important, my condition is quickly worsens and I risk fainting so much my heart rate slows”remembers the farmer before reassuring: “The firefighters arrive and take me to the emergency room in Saintes. Several stitches will be needed […] This week it’s going to be very painful but it’s the result of an accident in life, it happens to a lot of people. Let’s train our youth in first aid, as these people did. A big thank you also to the firefighters of Saint Genis de Saintonge and to the hospital staff who took care of me. Hugs to all”. Fortunately, the first aid gestures have undoubtedly helped, and perhaps saved, Franck from a more serious problem. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope that he is doing better quickly, just like Karine Le Marchand, who recently invited a candidate from the program to her house, who did not fail to support her on Instagram.

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