A 74-year-old woman proudly displays her relationship with her 27-year-old fiancé, they assume everything!

love has no no age, no border, no limit! This amazing couple certainly won’t deny it. At 74 and 27 respectively, Kathi Jenkins and Devaughn Aubrey fall madly in love. They don’t care what people say. The two Texans prove that there are no limits when love comes into play. The critics don’t reach them. 47 years separate them and despite everything, they managed to reunite. A love story which started in 2021, on a dating site named adult friend finder. Love at first sight did not take long to occur for the two lovers.

47 years of age difference, but they love each other

” She is so perfect for me. She has a lot of experience and teaches me a lot of things. We never argue, we can always talk without shouting and I trust him completely.”admits the young man in an interview with SWNS. The young man fully assumes his attraction to older women. ” Little doesn’t matter if she needs a walker, it never bothered me”. Kathi Jenkins and Devaughn Aubrey love each other and live the perfect love.

According to Kathi Jenkins, this is the most ” healthy she had ever known. Her young fiancé watches over her every day and makes her a happy woman. ” Nobody never loved me that way. Devaughn is kind and supportive. He thinks I’m beautiful, talented and smart.”she confides. Looks like Kathi Jenkins has found the man who will know. make her happy until the end of her life. A desired find for everyone.

A young fiancé who likes to watch over his 74-year-old wife

As you can imagine, the relationship of this amazing couple did not immediately arouse the support of those around them. However, the family of lovers learned to accept the situation. And this, even if they think that the woman remains well too old for her fiancé. Indeed, a 47-year age gap is not the thing we see most in our society. However, the two Texans seem happier than ever. Recently, a great event took place. Indeed, Devaughn Aubrey put the ring on his wife’s fingerKathi Jenkins, 47 years her senior. Their love then seems very sincere and the two lovebirds do not hide it at all.

The bride is not Devaughn Aubrey’s first wife. And this, since the young man has already said yes at the age of 24 to another woman. For Kathi Jenkins, on the other hand, this experience will mark a great first. She has always traveled the world alone, even though she has four children. As well as 13 grandchildren and 36 great-grandchildren. In love and happy, is there a better way to grow old? ” I thinks we should all do what makes us happy regardless of what other people think. Some say it’s inappropriate but it’s fine with us” adds the happy fiancé of Kathi Jenkins. Reading this incredible story, we can only wish them All the happiness in the world.

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