A 7-year-old boy almost blind because of a toy owned by all children!

Many toys can be dangerous for young children. What happened to this little boy perfectly illustrates the dangers. Indeed, because of a popular toy, he loses most of his sight.

A little boy experiences a terrible tragedy

There is no doubt that some toys and various other objects pose a danger to children. A little boy had this painful experience after pointing a laser pen at his eye. Jonny Marshall was seven years old when he suffered 75% loss of his sight. And all that, due to laser pen. Since then, her mother has been fighting to get laser pens banned.

At the time, the little boy was at his sister’s school party. When he discovered a laser pen on a stand, he immediately wanted to take it home. The least we can say is that the boy was eager to bring the toy home. After pleading with his parents, Jonny eventually convinced him and bought the pen with his pocket money.

The injury caused permanent loss of sight in the boy’s eye. The area affected by the burn is particularly sensitive. Indeed, the macula is one of the areas where the vision of small details is established. As a result, the effect on his vision has reached such a level that he no longer has the majority of his vision. According to Dr. Ben Armitage, the boy in question did not experienced no pain when he suffered the accident. However, vision loss occurred immediately.

The laser pen burned the little boy’s retina

Jonny’s life changed when he had the unfortunate idea of ​​pointing the laser pen at his eyes. The result of this act caused a retinal burn. And this, in less than a quarter of a second. The little boy, Jonny, was therefore the victim of a 75% loss of sight.

As the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health explains, laser pens have an average power of 3 to 5 milliwatts. However, the power of some items exceeds this average. This unexpected power can also cause vision problems. As for the poor little boy above.

This domestic accident angered Angela Marshall, the mother of little boy Jonny. She is now fighting for the banning of this category of toys. At the same time, the mother of the family launches prevention initiatives to educate the general public about the dangers of laser pens.

Precautions to be taken with regard to the toy

The laser pen consists of a small device that allows you to aim at an object from a distance by emitting a light focused on the target. It is therefore an intense source of energy. The heat given off by the pointer can cause burns. And, as for the human body, the eyes are the most sensitive.

A toy with a laser beam is not suitable for children like the little boy. If a parent still chooses to offer one to their child, they should be aware of the potential danger of this small device. A child handling a laser pen should be strictly supervised.

To avoid eye injury, the laser should not be aimed at another person. It should also not be directed towards glass or polished metal to prevent the reverberation of the light beam. If it is to be used during a show or a conference, the laser should only be turned on to aim at the screen and never at the public.

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