8 Best Crypto Giveaways in 2022



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There’s nothing better than getting something for nothing, as such, everyone loves a good giveaway. However, finding the best crypto giveaways with good prizes can be a rather tall task. 

Throughout this guide, we’ll be taking a look at eight of the best crypto giveaways, explaining how a crypto giveaway works, and providing guidance on how to enter one of our favorite free crypto giveaways right now. Let’s get started  

The Top 8 Crypto Giveaways Available Now

In order to make it easy to compare the top free crypto giveaways, we’ve included a quick summary of each. However, we’ve also taken a more in-depth look at each project in the section that follows. 

  • Tamadoge – Meme Coin Giving Away $1 Million and Hosting Frequent Competitions
  • Battle Infinity – Popular P2E DeFi Ecosystem Rewarding its Supporters
  • Lucky Block – NFT Competition Platform Hosting both Paid And Free Prize Draws
  • Binance – Leading Exchange Hosting a Giveaway for Binance Card Users
  • KuCoin – Win Crypto by Creating KuCoin-Related Memes
  • Crypto.com – $10,000 Ethereum Giveaway for Anyone Trading ETH
  • Coinbase – Win Crypto By Learning and Completing a Quick Quiz
  • CEX.io – 100% Free Solana Giveaway Worth $3000 

Reviewing the Top Free Crypto Giveaways

In order to appeal to a wide range of investors and crypto fanatics, we’ve included a large variety of crypto giveaways with each taking place on a separate platform and featuring different entry requirements. 

1. Tamadoge – Meme Coin Giving Away $1 Million and Hosting Frequent Competitions

Meme coin Tamadoge (TAMA) is a play-to-earn (P2E) crypto project and one of the best NFT games out right now. It tokenizes in-game assets to make them easily tradable and verifiable. Many crypto enthusiasts have praised the project as being one of the best crypto games on the market thanks to its committed team and strong concept. 

The Tamadoge game is built around a tailor-made Metaverse world commonly referred to as the Tamaverse. In this virtual land, players are able to train NFT-based pets. In order to rank up a pet, the player must interact with it and provide it with food, toys, and cosmetics, all of which are available from the in-game store. 

When a player improves the ranking of their pet, they will receive Dogepoints. The more points a player has, the higher they will rank on the in-game leaderboard. As the highest-rated players will receive the greatest share of the rewards pool, there is a huge amount of incentive for people to level up their pets. 

Synergizing perfectly with the leveling system, 5% of the revenue generated from the in-game store is burned. This means that by improving their pets by purchasing items from the store, a player also reduces the total supply of TAMA, helping to further boost their earnings. 

Following one of the best presales of 2022, and having raised $19M, the TAMA token was recently listed on the OKX centralized exchange (CEX) and the OKX DEX (for US residents). To celebrate this achievement, the team has launched a $1 million competition with 100,000 prizes up for grabs. Just register with OKX, trade TAMA/USDT, and complete a few social actions to win $10 sent directly to a crypto wallet. 

tama okx listing

Tamadoge is one of the best crypto games available right now. The project has been enjoying huge demand and with the release of the Tamaverse and Tamadoge pets both slated for Q4 2022, we could see TAMA explode sooner rather than later.

Join the Tamadoge Telegram to stay informed about the project’s latest updates. 



2. Battle Infinity – Popular P2E DeFi Ecosystem Rewarding its Supporters

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is a new crypto project that has been making waves in the industry thanks to its unique ecosystem comprising a fantasy sports platform, an NFT marketplace, a decentralized exchange, a staking platform, a collection of some of the best NFT games, and even a Metaverse arena. 

battle infinity splash

The project has been performing well in recent months. After selling out its 16,500 BNB presale, beating expectations by 65-days, the IBAT token went on to climb by around 400% compared to its presale price after getting listed on PancakeSwap. With statistics like these, IBAT could be the best crypto to buy right now.,

Following the release of the IBAT staking platform, there has been a lot of focus on the Battle Infinity ecosystem, and for good reason. Out of all the crypto tokens on the market, IBAT is one of the top in terms of potential growth. As the project’s core features begin to release, we could see the token skyrocket.

To reward its supporters, Battle Infinity has been hosting giveaways on the IBAT Telegram channel. The prizes are typically worth between $10 to $500 and can usually be won by completely specific social actions (e.g. following the IBAT Twitter, sharing a post, etc). With new draws being periodically announced, it’s worth following the Telegram closely to maximize the chances of winning. 

ibat staking

Battle Infinity is an extremely interesting project that has the potential to grow exponentially in the coming months. The release of the project’s fantasy sports league as well as its other primary features will likely cause demand for the IBAT token to boom so it’s worth watching Battle Infinity closely and keeping an eye on the project’s Telegram in order to not miss the next best crypto giveaway.

Visit Battle Infinity 

3. Lucky Block – NFT Competition Platform Hosting both Paid And Free Prize Draws

Next on our list of the best crypto giveaways is Lucky Block (LBLOCK), a crypto-powered platform created to provide a fair and simple way for people to enter NFT-based competitions with huge prizes. 

lucky block website

Lucky Block has created a simple-to-use platform that allows anyone to enter a competition by purchasing an NFT from Launchpad.xyz. Each prize draw is linked to a specific NFT, with the price and available quantity of each proportional to the potential jackpot. Some of the most exciting prizes include $1 million in Bitcoin, a house, and a luxury vehicle. 

Even after a competition has been concluded, Lucky Block NFT still provides its owner with the ability to earn free crypto rewards every single day. This is a huge bonus and ensures that the collection remains valuable for the long term rather than being solely used to enter the prize draws. 

In addition to the platform’s paid competitions, Lucky Block also gives back to its fans by hosting free crypto giveaways. The last giveaway hosted by Lucky Block had a grand prize of $2,500 and less than 2,500 entries, meaning participants had a far higher chance of winning compared to other giveaways. 

lucky block prizes

Lucky Block is in an interesting spot. Anticipation has been building surrounding the launch of the LBLOCK burn program (September 30th, 2022) and with the V1 to V2 token bridge to launch soon after (October 3rd, 2022), the price of LBLOCK could skyrocket. We’ve got a great Lucky Block price prediction article for investors interested in LBLOCK.

Visit Lucky Block

4. Binance – Leading Exchange Hosting a Giveaway for Binance Card Users

The world’s largest centralized exchange (by volume), Binance has a penchant for hosting some of the best crypto giveaways out there. Almost every few days, it seems that Binance has launched another competition, ranging in style from crypto airdrops to online lottery-style competitions. With Binance hosting crypto giveaways so frequently, it’s worth keeping an eye on its socials. 

binance card giveaway

 We mentioned, Binance tends to host frequent free crypto giveaways. The exchange is currently rewarding users that order a Binance card with a 5 BUSD voucher. Even existing card holders can win a small kickback for transacting using the card. Furthermore, one lucky entrant will win a voucher for an entire Bitcoin, making the competition potentially rather lucrative. 

With Binance being a favorite trading platform among crypto enthusiasts, there’s no real downside to joining in on the giveaways hosted by the exchange as many investors already have an account with the platform. 

Visit Binance Now

5. KuCoin – Win Crypto by Creating KuCoin-Related Memes

KuCoin is another popular exchange that frequently rewards its users by hosting exclusive competitions with various prizes. The exchange has a huge user base consisting of more than 10 million investors and traders around the globe. As such, to ensure that each competition is fair, KuCoin will often host region-specific competitions reducing the difficulty of winning. 

kucoin giveaway

Out of all of the platforms we’ve looked at, KuCoin hosts perhaps the greatest quantity of giveaways. Currently, there are three active competitions. One rewards people for staking crypto on the exchange, another rewards users for trying futures trading, and the final KuCoin prize draw allows people to earn crypto by creating memes related to the exchange.

While the competitions KuCoin hosts tend to have more specific entry requirements than most, the platform more than makes up for this with the sheer quantity of prize draws it hosts. New competitions are typically announced on the news section of KuCoin or on the company’s socials so it’s worth keeping up to date with more. 

Visit KuCoin Now

6. Crypto.com – $10,000 Ethereum Giveaway for Anyone Trading ETH

In addition to being home to some of the best play-to-earn games on the market, Crypto.com also hosts some of the best crypto giveaways in the industry. The exchange, which provides hundreds of the best altcoins is well known for rewarding its users through a variety of means, most commonly, staking and cashback rewards. 

crypto.com prize draw

The most recent prize draw hosted by Crypto.com is related to the highly anticipated Ethereum merge. in order to support the upgrade of Ethereum, Crypto.com launched a trading competition with a sizable $10,000 prize pool. With so many investors and traders already buying and selling ETH because of the merge, this competition could be fairly passive for some people. 

Overall, Crypto.com is up there with the world’s best-known centralized exchanges, and with the platform hosting a myriad of prize draws it’s easy to see why. For investors looking to stock up on new cryptocurrency projects while having the chance to win some awesome prizes, Crypto.com is worthy of consideration. 

Visit Crypto.com Now

7. Coinbase – Win Crypto By Learning and Completing a Quick Quiz

Coinbase is commonly regarded as being one of the best crypto exchanges on the market for beginners. It makes learning to buy and sell crypto incredibly simple and thanks to its strict vetting process for new additions to the platform, it also improves the safety of cryptocurrency. 

coinbase learning rewards

Coinbase provides its users with a few ways to earn free crypto. Perhaps the most famous is the program that allows Coinbase users to earn rewards simply by learning about an asset and answering a few quick questions, easily completable within five minutes. Furthermore, Coinbase has a great referral program that rewards people with $10 for introducing new people to the platform.

For beginners looking for a simple way to earn free crypto, Coinbase is an excellent choice. Its learning program makes getting rewards educational and fun, a winning combination. As such, it could be worth checking out the exchange, even if just to get a few bonuses. 

Earn Free Crypto Today

8. CEX.io – 100% Free Solana Giveaway Worth $3000 

In order to avoid fake giveaways or crypto giveaway scams, it’s advisable to only enter a competition if it originates from a trusted source. Therefore, for investors looking for the best crypto giveaway, we’ve opted to include another well-known exchange on our list. CEX.io was founded in 2013 and has more than x million users spread across the planet. 

cex.io solana giveaway

The CEX.io Solana giveaway is accessible for anyone staking SOL on the exchange. In order to gain additional entries to this online lottery-style competition, a user can complete a number of social actions including leaving a review on the play store, following CEX.io on Twitter, and tagging three friends in a post related to the prize draw. 

For anyone looking to find the best crypto giveaway, CEX.io hosts some of the industry’s most frequent prize draws making it a solid choice. While the exchange isn’t as well known as some of the others on our list, it’s one of the longest-running platforms on the market and shouldn’t be overlooked by those looking for crypto competitions to the trying to find cryptos with the most upside potential. 

Visit CEX.io Today

How do Crypto Giveaways Work?

While the concept of the best crypto giveaway is simple, each competition tends to have slightly different prerequisites and potential prizes. As such, it can be a touch confusing to decipher how crypto giveaways work. Luckily, when the concept is explained clearly, it’s far easier to understand.

One of the most common ways a crypto giveaway works is by rewarding users for engaging with the brand on social media. It’s common for an entity in the crypto space to want to boost social engagement so these prize draws benefit both parties. There is a huge range of potential social actions that could be required but a couple of the most common include following an account or liking a post. 

Another way it’s possible to enter the best crypto giveaway is by engaging in trading-related activities on a certain platform. The most common trading activity that an exchange will incentivize is futures (leveraged) trading. However, trading-based draws aren’t limited to futures. Some platforms will offer rewards for spot trading or even staking coins. 

Overall, there is a multitude of different competition out there. However, they will all typically involve the entrant completing some sort of action beneficial to the host of the giveaway. As such, looking out for competitions that offer huge prizes with seemingly no incentive to the host and best avoided as they can end up being fake crypto giveaways. 

How to Enter a Free Crypto Giveaway

In order to make it simple for interested parties to enter the best crypto giveaway, we’ve created this simple guide detailing the entire process. 

Step 1: Register with OKX and Complete KYC

In order to enter the best crypto giveaway, an investor must first head to the OKX exchange and register. This process only takes a few seconds and can be done using an email/mobile number and password or by linking a Google or Telegram account. If signing up using an email it’s crucial to select a strong, unique password. 

After creating an account, an investor will need to complete the KYC-verification process. Again, this only takes a few minutes and can be completed simply by providing a few personal details like name, nationality, and ID number.

register with OKX



Step 2: Buy USDT

After creating an account with OKX, the user will be prompted to deposit or purchase some USDT. A deposit can be completed by simply sending a certain asset to an address specified by the exchange. To purchase crypto with fiat, an investor can use numerous payment methods including debit/debit card and Apple Pay. 


Step 3: Trade TAMA/USDT

Once the USDT has arrived, the investor needs to hover over ‘Trade’, then select ‘Basic Trading’, and search for the TAMA/USDT pair. Next, enter the desired number of TAMA tokens (100 minimum), choose a price to purchase at, and press ‘Buy TAMA’ to complete the trade. 


Step 4: Complete Social Actions

The final step before it’s possible to claim the $10 prize is to complete a few simple social actions. There are eight in total but all are fairly simple and three require essentially zero effort. 

Three are linked to OKX, three are completed on Twitter, one requires a Telegram account, and the final requirement simply involves adding a short comment to CoinMarketCap. Once all the actions are complete, the crypto will be sent to the OKX address the user provided in an early step. 

tama social actions




There is no reason not to love a good crypto giveaway. During this guide, we’ve taken a look at eight of the hottest giveaways available to participate in, discussed how the best crypto giveaways work, and explained how an investor can take part in the best crypto giveaway. However, a particular project stood out and was worthy of mention again. 

To mark its new partnership with the leading tier one crypto exchange OKX, Tamadoge is giving away $10 to every new user who signs up and trades TAMA on OKX! With such an exciting and innovative play-to-earn crypto game at such an early stage of its development many investors are eager to get in at the ground level. 




What is a giveaway crypto?

In crypto, a giveaway is simply an event hosted by an entity within the crypto space with the goal of rewarding users. It’s common for giveaways to require the entrant to complete various quick actions in order to claim their prize.

Can you get cryptocurrency for free?

Yes, in contrast to what some investors will have people believe, it’s entirely possible to earn free crypto. Tamadoge rewards people with $10 for completing a few actions on social media and purchasing under $3 worth of TAMA, so it’s a great way to get exposure to what could be the hottest asset of the year without any real outlay. 

Which crypto apps give free coins?

The majority of the best crypto apps will offer some way to earn free coins.  While Binance and KuCoin are both perfect examples, Coinbase’s program that rewards users with crypto for learning about various assets is perhaps the most famous. 

What is the best crypto giveaway?

While we’ve taken a look at some create prize draws, Tamadoge has the best crypto giveaway. Rather the providing people with a chance to win, everything that joins the Tamadoge giveaway is guaranteed $10 until a huge $1 million has been distributed. 

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