Quels sont les avantages de la vidéo pour votre publicité en ligne ?

5 benefits of video for online marketing



Do you want to take a step forward in your digital marketing strategy? Have you thought about producing video content? Creation of attractive content, conquest of a new audience, brand image… This mode of advertising communication has many benefits for your business

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Advantage 1: having an attractive content strategy

Video content has a definite advantage as part of a content marketing strategy (content marketing). This aspect of online marketing consists of creating content with high added value for your sector of activity, in order to attract prospects who are seduced by your expertise. However, a quality, well edited and synthetic video is the perfect channel for this.

Advantage 2: being present on social networks

On social networks such as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, you have the possibility of posting your advertising videos on content that corresponds to your sector. In this way, you reach an audience already interested in your products or services. But video creation can also be used to post fast, synthetic and attractive content on your own networks and reach a wider audience.

Advantage 3: reach a wider audience

Currently, we have entered into an image society. To stimulate customers’ desire to buy, it is therefore essential to use graphic content. Video creation meets this need perfectly, especially short videos. Synthetic, with few written characters, it captures the attention long enough to get your commercial message across. It’s the best way to reach a new, younger and more modern audience.

Advantage 4: highlight your company or your brand

With video content, you have the opportunity to offer a more concrete and human image of your company. For this, you can bet on videos that present your young and dynamic team (for a start-up), but not only. Video can also showcase your services and products through testimonials from satisfied customers. You can even offer face-to-face tutorials by one of your employees. Finally, a video presentation of your company, its production chain, its partners will provide transparency to your activity. An aspect always appreciated by prospects and potential customers.

Advantage 5: modernize and optimize your internal communication

Another advantage of using the video format within your company concerns your internal functioning. Your collaborators and employees have, in fact, the same characteristics as the rest of the population. To get your message across to them more effectively, video is therefore more impactful than a technical text.

You can, for example, use the video format as part of the training of your new employees or to explain how a new administration tool works.

With this internal communication model, you significantly accelerate the circulation of information in your various departments, which inevitably has a positive impact on your productivity.

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