The Samsung Pad is a wireless charger you can get for free today

The Samsung Pad is a wireless charger you can get for free today

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Samsung’s 0 euro wireless charger, but it’s now done thanks to an offer available on the Fnac site, as well as at Darty.

The Samsung Pad is a wireless charger you can get for free today
The Samsung Pad on purple background

If you are currently looking for an induction charger compatible with your various wireless devices, today we have found the most economical offer that can exist at the moment. It’s the Samsung Pad and it’s just free with this offer.

What is the Samsung Pad?

  • A discreet wireless charger
  • Compatible with all Qi devices
  • And a load that can reach up to 9 W

Instead of 39.99 euros usually, the Samsung Pad (black color) is now displayed at only 19.99 euros on the Fnac and Darty sites, but thanks to an ODR valid until June 30, 2022, this wireless charger returns to 0 euro after receiving the refund.

A design made to sit on your bedside table

The compact look of this wireless charger still offers a surface large enough to accommodate your various compatible devices, but above all it allows you to put it wherever you want, whether on a desk or on your bedside table. If you opt for a location in the bedroom, you will be delighted to learn that the indicator lights indicating the level of charge will be dimmed at nightfall so as not to disturb sleep. Practice.

It charges all compatible devices, but with an advantage for Samsung ones

The Samsung Pad is a Qi-certified wireless charger, which means that it can charge all compatible devices up to 5 W. However, the Korean brand’s products are advantaged thanks to the proprietary Fast Charge protocol which, for example, a Samsung Galaxy S22 to recharge faster than the others, because the power this time goes up to 9 W. This also works for your Galaxy Watch or your Galaxy Buds.

It can also charge your devices when they are equipped with a case or a protective cover, if and only if these do not exceed a thickness of 5 mm. Finally, note that the Samsung Pad is equipped with a USB-C port to work, but comes without a cable in the box. Only the user manual is present.

Which wireless charger to choose?

In order to discover the competition of the Samsung Pad and compare it with other references, we invite you now to consult our guide to the best Qi wireless chargers for smartphones in 2022.

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