the leading actress is dead!

the leading actress is dead!

A whole part of Europe is in mourning on April 17, 2022. Catherine Spaak, Franco-Belgian actress naturalized Italian, breathed her last.

Catherine Spaak is no more, the news resonated on social networks on April 18. But it was the day before, April 17, 2022, that the actress of the cult series A wonderful family died. Fans of this talented actress know that she has not only marked the minds of TF1 viewers.

Catherine Spaak dead

Indeed, she also marked the minds of film buffs in the 1960s, in particular by becoming one of the muses of Italian cinema. Her beauty and charisma only enhanced her talent. Catherine Spaak played the role of Queen in season 2 of the series A wonderful family. And even today, it is difficult not to cite her in this role. Since there were few opportunities to see this movie actress in a television role.

Catherine Spaak joins the stars to shine eternally in the sky

After suffering a cerebral hemorrhage in 2020, the Franco-Belgian actress, now naturalized Italian, held on. But two years later, she died in a private clinic in Italy. Some of People Act Magazine’s readers will remember his appearance in the famous TF1 television series, Une famille formidable, in 1993.

Indeed, there is no doubt that the whole family is in mourning since the announcement of the death of Catherine Spaak. But unanimously, whether in the tributes of celebrities or anonymous, it is her job as a film actress that is hailed. Indeed, the death of this actress is a huge loss for lovers of masterpieces of Italian cinema in particular.

Catherine Spaak a great actress

Tributes to the actress are multiplying and will continue to do so in the days to come. Tributes but also condolences. People Act Magazine joins others in sharing the pain of Catherine Spaak’s family and friends.

As well as fans of her films, her series like A Great Family, and fans of reality TV shows in which she had agreed to participate. In Italy, there is no doubt that the best moments of his television and film appearances are played over and over again on television and radio.

A mourning that affects a large part of Europe

The death of Catherine Spaak occurred at the age of 77. The Franco-Belgian actress, naturalized Italian, is bereaved in no less than three countries. And her French fans are obviously crying harder than when she was replaced for her role as the queen in A wonderful family. Yet some still can’t believe she’s gone.

People Act Magazine makes no secret that the more brutal the news, the more unreal it seems. Especially since the actresses come and go from one character to another. Some Catherine Spaak fans may be hoping to see her reappear in a new character.

But the media take turns to press the issue and get the message across. The interpreter of Reine in Une famille formidable, of Margherita in L’Amour à cheval, of Francesca in Les Adolescentes, of Carolina in À l’Italienne and of so many other characters is no longer. This fabulous actress had marked the public like no other.

Catherine Spaak

And no doubt after the amazement and shock, the tears of his fans will only flow more and more warmly. Once again, the editorial staff sends its condolences to the family and friends of Catherine Spaak. But also to his fans, those who are already inconsolable and those who have not yet taken the measure of the news of his death.

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