the actor in five of his major film roles

the actor in five of his major film roles

As an actor, Jacques Perrin, born in Paris on July 13, 1941, appeared in more than 70 films from the 1950s. Here are five essential ones.

“The Ladies of Rochefort” by Jacques Demy, 1967

Delphine and Solange are twins of 25, lovely and witty who dream of meeting true love around the corner. For his part, a dreamy sailor, Maxence, is also looking for his feminine ideal, he sings about it in Yvonne’s café. Jacques Perrin interprets this young sailor, painter and poet in his spare time who recounts his career and his travels on the oceans. Her hairstyle of a peroxide blond comes from a small accident: after a cut made very short, Perrin then plunges his head into a basin of hydrogen peroxide: the result is this characteristic look, which greatly pleased Jacques Demy.

“Z” by Costa Gavras, 1969

A progressive deputy is assassinated in a Mediterranean country. The investigating judge in charge of the investigation highlights, in this crime, the participation of the army and the police. A journalist and photographer follows the affair, it is Jacques Perrin. The actor also endorses the cap of producer in this film which won the jury prize at Cannes and in 1970, the Oscar for best foreign language film and the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film.

“The Drum Crab” by Pierre Schoendoerffer, 1977

On an escort ship responsible for escorting trawlers in the direction of Newfoundland, a captain and two other crew members remember the Crab-Drum, a character they met and who participated in the wars of Indochina and ‘Algeria. Pierre Schoendoerffer adapts his homonymous novel inspired by episodes from the life of Lieutenant Pierre Guillaume. Jacques Perrin embodies the ensign, then lieutenant, Willsdorff, the famous Drum-crab.

“The honor of a captain” by Pierre Schoendoerffer, 1982

The honor of Captain Caron (Jacques Perrin) killed in action in 1957 is called into question by a certain Professor Paulet during a televised debate on the Algerian war. His wife Patricia (Nicole Garcia) will try to rehabilitate him and decides to sue Paulet for defamation. The trial sifts through Caron’s nineteen days in command, which Paulet claims began with the execution of an Algerian traitor. A new and fruitful collaboration between Pierre Schoendoerffer and Jacques Perrin.

“The Choristers” by Christophe Barratier, 2004

In 1948, Clément Mathieu, an unemployed music teacher, accepted a post as supervisor in a rehabilitation boarding school for minors and transformed the daily life of the residents by familiarizing them with the magic of singing. Pierre Morhange, one of the most restive students at the boarding school, refuses to sing. Clément however discovers that he sings very well and decides to give him solos if he behaves well. Jacques Perrin embodies this boarder with such a special talent, who has become an adult.

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