Tales from the Borderlands: a brand new game confirmed, 1st details while waiting for the reveal!

Tales from the Borderlands: a brand new game confirmed, 1st details while waiting for the reveal!

Game news Tales from the Borderlands: a brand new game confirmed, 1st details while waiting for the reveal!

So that, for good news, it’s a beautiful one! We did not expect it especially but Gearbox Software has just confirmed the development of a new Tales from the Borderlands, without revealing too much either. And this one should present itself this summer.

Tales is taken who believed to take

It was in 2014 that Telltale gave birth to a new episodic title, in line with its very narrative style productions but this time immersed in the brilliant and insane universe of the Borderlands saga: Tales from the Borderlands was a resounding achievement, arguably among the development studio’s finest. Since then, water has flowed under the bridges: Telltale went bankrupt, then experienced resurrection thanks to an unexpected takeover, allowing the machine to be relaunched with even the design (still relevant) of The Wolf Among Us 2.

But Gearbox Software, the firm behind the FPS-RPG Borderlands, doesn’t want to wait for Telltale this time around. Decidedly seduced by the narrative formatthe man at the head of the company Randy Pitchford recently split a statement to say that, yes, a brand new Tales from the Borderlands was currently in the making internally : excellent news that should make some people jump to the ceiling, eight years after the advent of a first attempt already transformed. This new game will be an opportunity to present new characters in a new context, will be presented this summer… and will be released this year 2022.

A cheerful statement

The least we can say, is that Randy Pitchford was particularly pleased with the situation.

I know many of you love the Borderlands universe and the stories it tells, we love it too. We also know that many of you loved Tales from the Borderlands, right? Well, as you know, some of the characters from Tales from the Borderlands have made their way to Borderlands 3: we really like that format as a way to create characters, create new stories, and explore all of that differently from this which is possible to do in the looter-shooter.

Due to the success and our love of Tales and due to our interest in expanding the Borderlands universe in new ways, we thought it would be fun and exciting to dive back into the interactive fiction format.

It should be noted that all this was done directly on stage, during the PAX East 2022. Pitchford certainly didn’t stop there:

This time we’re doing it ourselves to imagine all the new characters and all the new stories in the Borderlands. Soon we will unveil a brand new game set in the Borderlands universe and in this style of interactive fiction. I’m talking about a brand new Tales from the Borderlands adventure. It will be released this year, it is published by 2K Games and it was developed in-house by Gearbox Software. And it has brand new characters in the Borderlands universe.

We’ve been secretly working on this experiment for many years and I can’t wait for it to be time to announce this brand new game this summer and show you all what we’ve been up to. So stay tuned this summer for an all-new Tales from the Borderlands spotlight.

Halleluja, mass is said and it couldn’t be clearer: Tales from the Borderlands 2 (or whatever its final name is) will be presented in a few months and, even better, we can touch it in 2022. We cross our fingers so that the adventure is up to the previous one.

At last, here is a first mysterious image to get your teeth into:

Tales from the Borderlands: a brand new game confirmed, 1st details while waiting for the reveal!

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