Pro D2 - Les compos officielles de la 28e journée de Pro D2

Pro D2 – Les compos officielles de la 28e journée de Pro D2

Discover the compositions of this Friday’s matches, counting for the 28th day of Pro D2. Which starts this evening with the match between Bayonne and Vannes, and continues until Friday evening and the meeting between Colomiers and Mont-de-Marsan.

Béziers – Bourg-en-Bresse

The starting XV of Béziers : 15. Malie; 14. Courtaud, 13. Recor, 12. Votu, 11. Plazy; 10. Uruty, 9. Valentine; 7. Massot, 8. Koen, 6. Barrere (cap.); 5. Madigan, 4. Benoy; 3. Zabala, 2. Pinto Ferrer, 1. Akhaladze.

The substitutes: 16. Estériola, 17. Fernandes, 18. Gayraud, 19. Hoarau, 20. Bisman, 21. Latorre, 22. Poi, 23. Hagan.

Infirmary: Zhorzhi Saldadze injured his ankle after a scrum in training, he will not be available for at least the next fortnight. Maxime Espeut is getting a little closer to a comeback, the center resumed racing this week. Small alert for Victor Dreuille in the thigh as well as for William Van Bost hit in the heel. Pierre Caillet benefits from the rest of his entire group which will be at his disposal for the last three matches to be played.

The starting XV of Bourg-en-Bresse : 15. Meliande; 14. Erasmus, 13. Badet, 12. Hingano, 11. Santallier; 10. Olender, 9. Campeggia; 7.Lyons, 8. Baradel (cap.), 6. Darlet; 5.Roth, 4.Veyret; 3. Harmse, 2. Anga’aelangi, 1. Kapanadze.

The substitutes: 16. Elia, 17. Bordenave, 18. Antonescu, 19. Bloemen, 20. Faure, 21. Dupont, 22. Ioane, 23. De Clercq.

Infirmary: the staff must do without pillars Anthony Martin (finger), Quentin Drancourt (ruptured biceps tendon), Damian Arias (knee) and Franjo Bordewie (tear). From hooker Clément Jullien (sternum). Second row Matt Beukeboom (shoulder), third row Adrien Buatier (ankle, season ended), Dimitri Jean-Étienne (malleoli, season ended) and Théo William (arch of the foot), scrum half Titouan Guilon (knee, season ended ), opener Sebastian Poet (ribs) and winger Audrey Soubeyrand (knee) are out. Finally, Elia Elia is uncertain.


The starting XV of Grenoble : 15. Capuozzo; 14. Dupont, 13. Manu, 12. B. Ezcurra, 11. Qadiri, 10. Barthélémy, 9. F. Ezcurra, 7. Blanc-Mappaz (cap.), 8. Halaifonua, 6. Schoeman; 5. Douglas, 4. Madeira; 3. Taufua, 2. Gimenez, 1. Zhvania.

The substitutes: 16. Camilleri, 17. Goginava, 18. Lainault, 19. Martel, 20. Valençot, 21. Glénat, 22. Farnoux, 23. Montagne.

Infirmary: the Isère infirmary remains stable. After having satisfied a concussion protocol, the opener Thomas Fortunel, had been preserved during the match in Narbonne by being replaced at half-time. Some rotations occur in the group for the reception of Carcassonne.

The starting XV of Carcassonne : 15. Gianet; 14. Tui, 13. Vaitulukina, 12. Martocq, 11. Dulon; 10. McPhilips, 9. Marques; 7. Van der Merwe, 8. Doumenc (cap.), 6. Hughet; 5.Landman, 4.Manchia; 3. Azar, 2. Sauveterre, 1. Ursache.

The substitutes: 16. Carbou, 17. Futeu, 18. Joussain, 19. Reynaud, 20. Anon, 21. Mouchous, 22. Castant, 23. Boyadjis.

Infirmary: Tim Agaba is forfeited. A pain in the knee woke up which forced him to observe a period of rest. Clément Doumenc will play in the third center line while the second line, Christian Van Der Merwe takes over as flanker. At rest during the reception of Aurillac, the left-hander Thierry Futeu will be in the group of twenty-three in place of Youssef Amrouni.

Provence rugby – Agen

The starting XV of Provence rugby : 15. Bouhedjeur; 14. Sau, 13. Belan, 12. Navizet, 11. Bly; 10. Selponi, 9. Ruru; 7. Annetta, 8. Witt, 6. Piazzoli; 5. Flanquart (cap.), 4. Dufour; 3. Tagi, 2. Jammes, 1. Vernet.

The substitutes: 16. Kessler, 17. Soave, 18. Suta, 19. Martin, 20. Tarel, 21. Bézy, 22. Marrou, 23. Lolohea.

Infirmary: the captain and third line Charles Malet, injured, will be absent for this match against Agen but also probably until the end of the season. Another third line absent this evening, Tyrone Viiga. However, he should return to the group in two weeks for the trip to Oyonnax. Finally, the good news concerns the New Zealand scrum-half, Jonathan Ruru, who regains his starting place this evening at Maurice-David.

The starting XV of Agen : 15. Tolot; 14. Rokoduru, 13. Ramoka, 12. Sloan, 11. Railevu; 10.Lagarde, 9.Takulua; 7. Farré (cap.), 8. Lokotui, 6. Duputs; 5. Demotte, 4. Vernet; 3. Ryan, 2. Zarantonello, 1. Vanai.

The substitutes: 16. Martinez, 17. Guion, 18. Farrance, 19. Bonnet, 20. Nollet, 21. Idjellidaine, 22. Gerber, 23. Desmaison.

Infirmary: few people in the infirmary on the Agen side. Martin Devergie has not yet recovered from a crutch received and will be too fair for this match. Mathieu Lamoulie is also unavailable. On the other hand, Jean-Marcellin Buttin (knee), back in the group, applies. He could play one of the last two games of the season. Just like Jessy Jegerlehner (knee). Otherwise, apart from Iban Etcheverry (cruciate ligament rupture), no player is currently forced to put an end to the current exercise.


The starting XV of Narbonne : 15. Goutard; 14. P.-H. Ducom, 13. Nueno, 12. Maraku, 11. Namy; 10. Pialot, 9. Kaiser; 7. Belzons, 8. Axtens, 6. Madaule (cap.); 5. Sese, 4. Fortuin, 3. Cotet, 2. Blanc, 1. Martinez.

The substitutes: 16. Vaca, 17. Abadie, 18. Plaza, 19. Abescat, 20. Chaput, 21. Caffo, 22. Taulagi, 23. Loudet.

Infirmary: if Pierrick Nova touched the ribs ended his season, Christopher Kaiser on the other hand made his return to the starting XV after a short epic in Bordeaux land. Geoffrey Moise, touched in the knee leaves the group for the reception of Oyonnax. The second line Dennis Visser (calf) and still unavailable as Daniel Faleafa (shoulder) Kimami Sitauti and
Apimeleki Nawaquatabu (knee) and Théo Castinel (hernia). Tongan center Saia Fekitoa returned to training this week.

The starting XV of Oyonnax : 15. Callandret; 14. Sweetnam, 13. Vialelle, 12. Bettencourt, 11. Paris; 10. Soulan, 9. Cassang; 7. Herjean, 8. Credoz, 6. Lebreton; 5.Lassalle, 4.Murday; 3. Gajion, 2. Geledan, 1. Raynaud (cap.).

The substitutes: 16. Durand, 17. Bordenave, 18. Ursache, 19. Taieb, 20. Hauiti Parapara, 21. Le Bourhis, 22. Sanday, 23. Laclayat.

Infirmary: released prematurely during the match against Agen (8th minute), the third row Rory Grice suffered from a slight tear in the calf. He joined injured scrum-half Théo Nanette in the infirmary in his first game with Oyonnax a week earlier. Continuity will prevail in the composition of a group which last week found its captain, Tommy Raynaud.


The starting XV of Aurillac : 15. Gogoladze; 14. Valentine, 13. Yobo, 12. Powell, 11. Niko; 10. Palm tree, 9. Bouyssou; 7. Roussel (cap.), 8. Tison, 6. Profit; 5. Motoc, 4. Rolland; 3. Daniel-Messein, 2. Smith, 1.Plantier.

The substitutes: 16. Lachaud, 17. Royer, 18. Javakhia, 19. Shvangiradze, 20. Maituku, 21. Delarue, 22. Neisen, 23. Lévèque.

Infirmary: barely back on the lawns, the pillar Lucas Seyrolle must meet the requirements of a concussion protocol. The second line Jean-Baptiste Singer is still in trouble with a hamstring. Hit in the shoulder on Tuesday, second-third line Yann Tivoli is not sure he can apply. Pillar Giorgi Kartvelishvili is in re-athletics, while hooker Adrian Smith and winger AJ Coertzen are fit to return to the squad.

The starting XV of Montauban : 15. Tuculet; 14. Matawalu, 13. Vici, 12. Mathy, 11. Momo; 10. Bosviel, 9. Delord; 7. Munoz (cap.), 8. D. Vaotoa, 6. Vincent; 5. Manukula, 4. Uanivi; 3. Burduli, 2. Firmin, 1. Commenge.

The substitutes: 16. Feltrin, 17. C. Vaotoa, 18. Malafosse, 19. Meafua, 20. Stirzaker, 21. Hawera, 22. Tupuola, 23. Renaud.

Infirmary: Niko Matawalu, currently in very good shape, is uncertain due to an ankle problem. It is Hugo Le Gall who would start in the event of a package. Nicolas Agnesi and Maselino Paulino are suspended. Dylan Sage is still in the recovery phase after his broken arm, as is Simon Augry. Maxime Salles (hamstring) Stéphane Ahmed (ankles) are still unavailable while it is possible that we will no longer see Paul Tailhades (back) and Paul Bonnefond (calf) on the pitch this season.


The starting XV of Nevers : 15. Jaminet; 14. Charlat, 13. Silago, 12. Derrieux, 11. Camou; 10. Reynolds, 9. Manevy; 7. Noah, 8. Fraser, 6. Plataret; 5. Ceyte (cap.), 4. Barjaud; 3. Mudariki, 2. Hamel, 1. Mataradze.

The substitutes: 16. Tarrit, 17. Kitutu, 18. Toleafoa, 19. Adendorff, 20. Bastide, 21. Vuillemin, 22. Loaloa, 23. Ikahehegi.

Infirmary: touched during the fiery (and victorious) fight in Bourg-en-Bresse, the pillar Gia Kharaishvili, the scrum half Yoan Cottin and the opener Tanguy Ménoret are at rest this evening; they should be fit in two weeks for the trip to Agen. The temporary shortage at the hinge benefits Nicolas Vuillemin, who will appear in the group for the third time this season. Injured during the first minutes of the first match, at the end of August, the center Alivereti Loaloa finally finds the air of the Pro D2.

The starting XV of Rouen : 15. Milhorat; 14. Tuatagaloa, 13. Lafond, 12. Gontineac, 11. Megdoud; 10. Waite; 9. Nicholas; 7. W.N’Diaye (cap.), 8.Fofana, 6. Maximin; 5. Cazac, 4. Giraud; 3. Dahir, 2. Lesueur, 1. Fournier.

The substitutes: 16. Ngauamo, 17. Clément, 18. Kerry, 19. Mapapalangi, 20. Lézat, 21. Jackson, 22. Marty, 23. Clamy-Edroux.

Infirmary: no injuries were reported during the previous match against Aix-en-Provence, but the staff decided to organize a good review of the workforce to go to Nevers. Eleven changes have been made, with a captaincy transferred to Willy N’Diaye. Note the return of Nadir Megdoud, absent through injury against Provence.

Colomiers – Mont-de-Marsan

The starting XV of Colomiers : 15. Girard; 14. Rokoduguni, 13. Perrin, 12. Campagnaro, 11. Saurs; 10. Javaux, 9. Gori; 7. Chateau, 8. Lescure, 6. Coletta (cap.); 5. Ricard, 4. Granouillet; 3. Pirlet, 2. Larrieu, 1. Dubois.

The substitutes: 16. Tartas, 17. Djehi, 18. Thomas, 19. Ponpon, 20. Deysel, 21. Séguéla, 22. Séguy, 23. Bellemand.

Infirmary: hooker Youssef Saadia is uncertain following the shock received on the shoulder against Narbonne. Guillaume Tartas could play a new match in this position. Yann Peysson, expected before the end of the season, will not yet be back after his ankle injury. Victim of a concussion two weeks ago, Hugo Pirlet is able to resume just like Johan Deysel who suffered from a big crutch in one leg.

The starting XV of Mont-de-Marsan : 15. From Nardi; 14. Sayerse, 13. Desaubiès 12. Mensa, 11. Naituvi; 10. Laousse-Azpiazu, 9. Coly; 7. Garrault (cap.), 8. Gouzou, 6. Banos; 5. Ostrikov, 4. Durand; 3. Lalanne, 2. Dimcheff, 1. Bultel.

The substitutes: 16. Latterrade, 17. Innocente, 18. Cedaro, 19. Brethous, 20. Doubrère, 21. Bento, 22. Lestremau, 23. Laval

Infirmary: there will still be rotations for this trip to Colomiers. Lasha Masharachvili (concussion), Vereniki Goneva (ribs) and Nacani Wakaya (calf), will remain at rest, as will Anthony Alves, who is in the recovery phase. Jules Even, affected in training this week, will also be absent and joined in the infirmary Willie Du Plessis, Simon Renda, Baptiste Hézard and José Luis Gonzalez who have finished their season. Note the return to the center of Lucas Mensa who has served his suspension, and the tenure as right pillar of Matteo Lalanne, the club’s young hopeful who has already appeared on several match sheets.

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