Essai - Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS (2022) : le cri de l

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS (2022): the cry from within


Most extreme version

6 cylinders – 500 hp


€28,107. This is the minimum amount of the French 2022 penalty for a 300 horsepower Porsche 718 Cayman equipped with the manual gearbox, offered from €59,692 without any options. What naturally discourage you a little to fall for the “small” Porsche, this descendant of the first Boxster of 1996 which will soon bow out in favor of a fully electric model. Even if it means paying so many taxes in a sports Porsche, you might as well do it by choosing the excellent 911 which continues to dominate the exceptional GT market thanks to exciting driving and remarkable versatility.

This little Porsche, which some people readily taxed as a “hairdresser’s car” in the past in the same way as the Mercedes SLK or the Audi TT, has nonetheless upped its game in recent years with the arrival of more more radical. After the first Cayman GT4 and other Boxster Spyder appeared in 2015, equipped with a powerful 385 horsepower atmospheric flat-six, the current Cayman is now available in an even faster and more efficient 718 GT4 version at €103,267: with 420 horsepower. extracted from a block without turbos extrapolated from that of the 911 Carrera S, it embodies the track racer par excellence thanks to very high-level performance, a manual gearbox, a singing engine and colossal endurance on the circuit. A model of choice therefore for track-day regulars, which nevertheless fails to be as unforgettable to drive as the 911s of the GT3 and GT3 RS series: on the scale of Porsche pleasures, nothing can beat these strong versions of an engine breaking only at 9,000 rpm, whose revving will mark you forever once you’ve heard it sweep the last part of the rev counter. Engine currently found under the hood of the 911 GT3 type 992, a machine still capable of breaking time records on the circuit despite its limited power (510 horsepower) compared to the most heavily armed supercars on the market.

The most beautiful engine from Porsche in the smallest model

Test - Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS (2022): the cry from the inside

On paper, however, the little Porsche Cayman has a technical advantage over the 911: its better weight distribution thanks to its engine installed in the central rear position, unlike its big sister which retains its flat-six door-to-door. rear overhang. That’s why fans of the Zuffenhausen marque jumped for joy when Porsche unveiled the 718 Cayman GT4 RS just before Christmas, the only Cayman to feature a true 911 GT3 flat-six. Because installing the most beautiful engine in the range in the best calibrated car for sporty driving potentially leads to the perfect Porsche. Especially since this new 718 GT4 RS goes much further than the other Caymans in extremism: in addition to a block strictly identical to that of the 911 GT3, which just loses 10 horsepower because of a longer exhaust due to its different positioning. , the beast is equipped with a 911 GT3 RS PDK gearbox of the 991 Phase 2 type with shortened ratios, wider tracks, suspensions with solid joints, a brake cooling circuit worthy of a competition car and more generous downforce aerodynamics.

Test - Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS (2022): the cry from the inside
Test - Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS (2022): the cry from the inside

As an option, it can go as far as the most radical 911 in terms of lightening: the Weissach pack at €15,948 adds a front bonnet and a rear wing in carbon in addition to a titanium interior hoop. Those obsessed with chasing pounds can even opt for magnesium rims at €15,000 and carbon brakes at €7,980. What to add, in addition to an additional cost of 40,000 € compared to the 718 Cayman GT4 “very short”, about 40,000 € of dynamic options and flirt dangerously with the price of a 911 GT3. Everything to finally beat its big sister on the clock after decades spent in its shadow? Not even. The 718 Cayman GT4 RS propels itself in a straight line with the same aggressiveness (0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds), but it officially gives 9 seconds to the GT3 on the Nordschleife with equal semi-slick tires. Why ? Mainly because of the lower width of the rubbers and the aerodynamic support set back (100 kg at 200 km/h against 385 for the 911 GT3), we are told at Porsche. Damn, the little Porsche has just failed in its coup attempt. But then, what’s the point of putting so much money into an overpriced Cayman that’s made up like a race car?

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