Florent Pagny frappé par cancer : abandonné par ses enfants ? cette rupture douloureuse…

Patrick Fiori gives news of his health, this poignant confidence

Patrick Fiori is promoting his latest album. For the occasion, he gave an interview to our colleagues from The Free. Obviously, at some point, the journalists asked him about his longtime friend, Florent Pagny. Indeed, we know that the two singers are very close, and have been for many years. Discover his confidences.

Florent Pagny, in the middle of a chemotherapy protocol…

Florent Pagny received a heavy blow at the start of 2022. Indeed, the singer of Know how to love announced several weeks ago already that he had inoperable lung cancer and that he had to start a chemotherapy protocol. A sad news that worries more than one. ” I was just diagnosed with a tumor in my lungs, a cancerous tumor. Not very friendly. It can’t operate so I have to go in a six-month protocol of chemotherapy and x-raysexplains the 60-year-old artist on January 25 on his account instagram.

So the coach of The Voice moved away from the artistic scene to devote himself solely to his recovery. Luckily, in his misfortune, the singer is well surrounded by his wife, his children and also his many friends. Indeed, Florent Pagny can count on his friends like Patrick Fiori and who will never betray him.

A beautiful project between two great friends of the song

Florent Pagny was forced to cancel his 60th birthday tour. If you can see him in his red chair from The Voice every Saturday is because the episodes were pre-recorded and he found out about his illness while filming. He decided to go to the end of the season of The Voice. Thus, he can take advantage of the daily presence of his great friend, Marc Lavoine, who is also part of the program.

In addition to his buzzer colleague, his friend Patrick Fiori offered him to participate in a great project. Florent Pagny appeared in the clip for his latest album which was shot on the island of beauty, in Corsica. We reveal the words of Patrick Fiori during the interview.

Patrick Fiori is still alongside his friend Florent Pagny

Patrick Fiori told journalists to The Free that he did not record his entire album with Florent Pagny. The latter just put his voice on one of his songs. Other friends also participated in the projects as he reveals: ” We will be four to sing: Monsieur Bruel, Florent Pagny, Jean-Charles Papi who is a very well-known Corsican artist and me. A rather exceptional quartet (smiles) ! A magical and magnificent song by Michel Mallory, who is a Corsican artist and the author in particular of All the music that I like by Johnny. He made some big hits that stayed with people for a long time,” informed the friend of Florent Pagny.

Patrick Fiori then admitted that he was very often in contact with Florent Pagny. Indeed, he regularly hears from him and sees him as soon as the opportunity arises. On the other hand, he refuses to give more information on his state of health and on his medical protocol, because he shows great loyalty to his boyfriend: “ Florent is a friend so I take news like anyone does with a friend. Except that the information, I keep it to myself because he is my friend and I will never betray him. Neither what he tells me, nor Bruel, nor GoldmanI keep it for myself “, he explained. Indeed, if someone has to keep us informed of something, it is indeed Florent Pagny who will not hesitate to speak on his behalf. instagram if he feels the need.

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