Les Warriors de 2015 sont de retour, et ils ont Jordan Poole en renfort

Les Warriors de 2015 sont de retour, et ils ont Jordan Poole en renfort

The Nuggets had no room for error last night to preserve a chance to qualify for the rest of the Playoffs. Alas, the Warriors seem far too strong, far too serene to leave a shred of hope to the men of Colorado. Last chance to avoid the sweep Sunday evening, but it seems very badly embarked.

For the statistics of this friendly match, it’s here!

The game of the night was crucial for Mike Malone and his family: if it loses, it’s eight toes on the beach in Cancún. The game begins however quite quietly and it goes blow for blow. Stephen Curry is still on the bench at kickoff, and it’s this imp Jordan Poole who is in charge of the lead at the start of the game. Well assisted by Klay Thompson and Gary Payton II, it is he who will take the lead in scoring operations. The Nuggets respond through Nikola Jokic and all these beautiful people follow each other nicely to the score, even if the Warriors are racing in the lead. Then the guys from the bay spend the second at the end of the second quarter, because we can have a good laugh but there is still a basketball game to be won. It goes to +10 Golden State before halftime, in a rhythm that remains all the same… rather quiet (69-59).

We can qualify the game of the Warriors as insolent or on the contrary very serene, it depends on which jersey we wear. it depends which fan you are. The certainty is that the style of Golden State has not changed one bit: it masters in wheelchair mode, and as soon as the opponent returns to the match, a little boost to restore a few points of ‘advance. Never wasted effort from Steve Kerr’s men, and that’s arguably terribly humiliating for the Nuggets in this series. Jokic’s band tears up and the Joker also sends a crazy line: 37 points, 18 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals, while he was however sanded about a third of the match by Draymond Green defensively, lol. Only, nothing to do, the guys opposite are half there, half on vacation, and they still win. There’s always this little shoot that puts things back in place like a “Watch out, kids, you could hurt yourself” from the daron when you try to peel the potatoes on your own. The end of the match was tight… but the Californians managed, putting the shots needed to kill every hope of the locals. These Warriors are just too good for Denver, so no need to get tired huh, we bend it Sunday night and go to the semifinals. It’s terrifying, because we’re talking about a team headed straight for a big sweep on the reigning MVP’s strip, all while being the head in the pool with the little Mojito going well. Yes, Curry is in minutes restriction, but the guy shows up at 3-point, sends an arrow or a drive to the basket and hits his little dance move, level of insolence 112/10. In scoring? Steph and Klay plant 26, Jordan 27, here he is your 2022 version Golden State big three. the title.

It’s frustrating, terribly frustrating for these Nuggets who play the best they can but can’t do anything against the Warriors who exude the joy of living. How to beat them? We don’t have the answer, but Denver will have to quickly find a solution to this puzzle because there is now the shadow of the broom hanging over Colorado.

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