Jean-Claude Van Damme accused of sexual assault: "He started touching me..."

Jean-Claude Van Damme accused of sexual assault: “He started touching me…”

This is a case for which Jean-Claude Van Damme is not at all “aware”.

The famous Belgian actor, now 61, is under investigation for sexual assault, information from Sudinfo confirmed by Sarah Durant, spokesperson for the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, with The capital. “The Brussels public prosecutor’s office can confirm that there is an ongoing file against Mr. VV for acts of indecent assault. Like any suspect, he benefits from the presumption of innocence. In the interest of the investigation, the Brussels public prosecutor’s office will not make any further comment.“, said the latter.

A complaint was filed by a 33-year-old young woman, for facts dating back to August 2021. At that time, the complainant and Jean-Claude Van Damme met at the same evening organized at theImperial Private Premium Bar Brussels. The actor separated from his last wife Gladys Portugues is in a festive mood and is getting closer to this thirty-something, in a “normal” way at first.

But afterwards, I think he took a few lines, because everyone knows that Jean-Claude Van Damme takes drugs to death, and suddenly he became another person. First I slapped him for touching my buttocks and then, as he apologized, we moved on. Everything was going well, there were several people around the table, we were laughing until he really freaked out; he started touching me again, asking me for sex“, first tells the supposed victim of JCVD.

As she goes to the toilet, the young woman is followed by the famous actor…”He followed me – he went into the bathroom behind me and closed the door – and there he asked me to perform oral sex on him. He was no longer himself with alcohol and drugs. I told him to fuck off, but he insisted, he tried to undress me. I ended up pushing him out of the toilet and afterwards I have no idea how I got to the hospital, I don’t remember anything except waking up in front of the bar, on a sidewalk soaked by the rain that had just fallen, with no one around me, half naked“, continues the complainant.

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s agent “very surprised”

Contacted by Sudinfo, the JCVD ​​agent said he was “very surprised”. “There is no comment to make since there is no case in progress“, he initially replied. Faced with the confirmation of the opening of an investigation by the Brussels public prosecutor’s office, the actor’s agent then replied: “VYou know, there are plenty of victims who file complaints against artists. We also receive dozens of phone calls a day to reach Jean-Claude. A lady complaining about a situation? It’s possible. I don’t see the artist doing that. He is very careful, he is married, he has children.”

Jean-Claude Van Damme remains presumed innocent of the facts alleged against him until the closure of this case.

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