his state of health at its worst!  the last news.

his state of health at its worst! the last news.

Norbert Tarayre reveals his state of health, at worst he goes ahead and hopes that the worst is behind him! the last news.

About a year ago, Norbert Tarayre was hospitalized for a few days. At that time, rumors announced that the famous chef was very ill.

Norbert Tarayre accident

In a recent interview, the chef agreed to clarify the situation. Don’t worry, People Act Magazine’s editorial staff will tell you everything. Are you ready ?

Norbert Tarayre victim of a pneumothorax

Since he became known to the general public in 2012 by participating in Top Chef, Norbert Tarayre has had a string of projects. During the filming of “The best bakery”, the chef had to go to the hospital to be hospitalized.

If today is better, at the time, rumors were rife.

Indeed, on social networks, it was even suggested that he suffered from a serious illness. Recently, he stopped at Sud Radio to respond, with humor, to the concerns of his fans: “I’m not dead! “.

More seriously, Norbert Tarayre explains what he got exactly. He had a pneumothorax: “I was not very sick. It’s just that I had a pneumothorax because I lost weight too fast, and my pleura peeled off. I exercised too much.” A situation that had completely panicked him: “I thought I was having a heart attack”. Moreover, the leader had already started to say goodbye to his family.

Chef Norbert Tarayre was afraid of dying

As we told you previously, Norbert Tarayre thought he was going to die. So he decided to say goodbye to his family. And in particular to his wife, to whom he gave his credit card codes: “I’m not a hypochondriac but as I’m a bit of an actor in my head, I started saying to my wife: ‘I’m going to give the credit card codes, start doing this, start doing that…” “. And my wife, who is very emotional, she cried, she cried…” .

Fortunately, the doctors were much more reassuring: “They said to me: ‘No, it’s just a small piece of lung that came off, that’s all!’.

And my wife started tapping me on the shoulder: ‘But you’re crazy, I thought you were going to die!’. And not at all. More fear than harm for the tough guys.

Moreover, after a short convalescence, Norbert Tarayre returned directly to the stove. Especially for his new show: “Chefs à domicile”.

Norbert Tarayre is back on TV with a new show

Norbert Tarayre

Norbert Tarayre is finally back in business. For M6, the chef has returned for a new show: Chef à domicile.

In this one, the chef will have to face great chefs, but also new stars of the culinary scene. For example, the winner of the last season of Top Chef, Mohamed Cheik. Their challenge is to deliver the best takeout meal in 90 minutes. We can’t wait to see what will happen. See you on April 25 for that.

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