Elden Ring: the latest update tackles the famous secret walls, no more shortcuts?

Elden Ring: the latest update tackles the famous secret walls, no more shortcuts?

Game News Elden Ring: the latest update tackles the famous secret walls, no more shortcuts?

Elden Ring is a game full of secrets. Among them was a secret wall that actually turned out to be destructible and could serve as an ultra-convenient shortcut. Except that the 1.04 update went through it and changed the situation…

Hit a wall, literally

Elden Ring may have been released on February 25, but it still continues to make headlines. It must be said that FromSoftware has done very well by publishing a gigantic game to the world, housing dozens and dozens of more or less well-kept secrets, more or less dangerous… or more or less profitable. To realize this, in any case, you have to get your hands dirty yourself, at your own risk.

Among the finds quickly detected (and among the most popular), We informed you last March of a secret wall at Volcan Manor which required no less than fifty blows to break: it then revealed a monstrous shortcut, allowing you to save a lot of time. Nothing specifically indicated that the wall was destructible, thus making a particularly well concealed easter egg. Except that it was obviously not planned by the Japanese developers.

Lane 9 ¾ closed again

The last update of Elden Ring (bearing the sweet name of 3.14) allowed itself to bring a lot of fixes and improvements that you can find at this address. Except that it also removed the possibility of destroying the famous secret wall, which is discussed above! It was the YouTuber Zullie the Witch who realized this, returning to the scene and giving the normally usual and necessary fifty blows… which will have done nothing. Nothing at all. And this is not the only wall concerned.

It would therefore seem that it was a real bug, thus corrected by the Japanese studio or, at the very least, a real backpedaling after the shortcut was deemed too advantageous. Difficult to know, FromSoftware not having spoken on the subject and having made this modification on the sly. Or, do walls now require a lot more strikes to break down?

Necessarily, many wonder if other fast lanes (as we were talking about here) are also affected by this 1.04 patch. There is no doubt that players should multiply the returns over the next few days.

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