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Devin Booker out pendant… trois semaines ? Coup de froid sur l’Arizona

Hit in the hamstring in Game 2 of the series between the Suns and the Pelicans, Devin Booker could miss more than a workout if you know what we mean. While rumors spoke of an absence for games 3 and 4 against New Orleans, we now learn that Book is in fact likely to be out until May.

Last season, the Suns had started their Playoffs campaign with Chris Paul diminished by a shoulder injury. This year, they’re going to have to make do without Devin Booker. According to Brian Windhorst and Adrian Wojnarowski ofESPN, the Cactus All-Star guard could indeed miss two to three weeks of competition because of his hamstring injury. We are obviously on a stretch (Grade 1) and a prolonged rest seems to be the only solution today to allow our friend Devin to come back properly during this Playoffs campaign. Two to three weeks of absence, that brings us minimum until May 5 and maximum until 12 if the information of our insiders is verified. And when we take a look at the Playoff schedule, we see that the first round between Phoenix and NOLA will last at the max until April 30 in case of Game 7. The conference semi-finals will start in stride at the beginning of the month. next. Translation, Not only could Booker be out of the rest of the first-round series against New Orleans, but there’s a good chance he’ll miss the first halfbacks matchups as well.provided of course that Phoenix qualifies by avoiding an industrial disaster against the Pels.

Should Suns fans start shaking? It still seems premature because even if it’s obviously a blow for the group of Monty Williams, Phoenix still has in Chris Paul one of the best NBA leaders and we all know the dangerousness of the Cactus collective. Now 1-1 in the series against New Orleans, the Suns have plenty of guarantees after their record-breaking 64-win campaign, and have shown their ability to respond to setbacks in the past. So no, it has not yet come the time to tremble. Can this change in the next few days? Yes, if the Pelicans take advantage of this absence to win Game 3 of tomorrow at home and thus put a big blow of pressure on the leader of the NBA in regular. At 2-1 for NOLA, with a Game 4 to play in a hostile environment, without Booker and with a big duo Brandon Ingram – CJ McCollum in front, there the Suns can start to freak out a little. Except that for now, we’re not there yet and our money is still in Phoenix. We are counting on CP3 and his friends to do the job without Devin Booker, and thus give him the opportunity to play basketball again this season against Utah or Dallas in the Western Conference semi-finals.

We were hoping for reassuring news for Devin Booker, but that’s not really what we got. Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend will have to watch the Suns’ next games from the sidelines and the Cactus will have to find the solutions without him. They are quite capable of it, but be careful because the Pels are not a joke.

Text source: ESPN

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