«Les experts disent beaucoup de conneries»: Caroline accable Pascal de Sutter et Estelle Dossin de «Mariés au premier regard»

Caroline overwhelms Pascal de Sutter and Estelle Dossin of “Married at first sight”

Candidate for season 6 of the romance program broadcast every Monday evening in prime time on M6, the 29-year-old entrepreneur does not appreciate the analyzes and comments of the two experts on the experience she has had.

In the space of six seasons of “Married at first sight”, each couple formed according to the studies and estimates of the experts of the program approaches the experience in a different way. Whatever the percentage of compatibility announced, success is never guaranteed even if the production makes every effort to ensure that the candidates live their very special meeting in the best conditions. Since the launch of the program on M6 in 2016, of the 29 couples who were formed during the first five editions, three gave up before going to the town hall, one did not validate his marriage before the mayor and 22 divorced. . To date, only Charline and Vivien (season 3), Élodie and Joachim (season 4) and Laure and Matthieu (season 5) are still married.

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In the case of Caroline and Axel, Estelle Dossin and Pascal de Sutter estimated their compatibility at 80% for a lasting and fulfilling life together. But when they met on their wedding day in Gibraltar, the 29-year-old entrepreneur felt deep disappointment. “Seeing him, I don’t understand. I tell myself that he is small when it was the only physical criterion that was prohibitive for me. I didn’t have a crush on exchanging my first glances with him, I didn’t feel anything., she told us in a long interview. On the other hand, the 30-year-old project manager and site pilot quickly admitted to being under the spell.

“I totally disagree with the comments of the experts”

Caroline from Season 6 of “Married at First Sight”

In the first 48 hours of their life together, Pascal de Sutter’s comments most often overwhelm Caroline, considered too demanding and more focused on the 20% incompatibility than on the 80% supposed to bring them closer. Axel passes for the one who puts himself in emotional danger and who makes all the necessary efforts to make this couple work while his partner passes for the bad person who scuttles him. This way of designating a culprit has already been used by the experts in previous seasons of “Married at first sight” when success is not there.

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“Unfortunately, it is not able to open”, we hear from the mouth of Pascal de Sutter to the attention of Axel about Caroline’s requirements. Faced with criticism from Internet users, the latter spoke Thursday evening on her Instagram account to emphasize, on the one hand, that the editing of the show was very representative of the story she lived. “I completely disagree with the comments of the expertsshe added. These are people who don’t know me. I think they say a lot of bullshit. This is my opinion and I have the right to express it. The young mother promised to give more details as soon as the broadcast of her experience on M6 is over.

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