6 offres de rachat, Lyon fait un communiqué officiel !

6 offres de rachat, Lyon fait un communiqué officiel !

OL Mercato: After OM, it’s Lyons who is talking about him this week regarding a sale, a subject to which the club responded this Friday.

OL Mercato: 6 important offers for the takeover of Lyon

While many rumors evoke a possible takeover of Olympique de Marseille in the coming months, it is now his Lyon rival who is making the headlines these days concerning a potential takeover of the club. After learning on March 9 that two of the shareholders of Olympique Lyonnais, Pathe and IDG Capitalwere looking to sell their shares, the media Bloomberg reported on Thursday several offers from investors to buy the Rhone entity.

The media specializing in finance indicates that at least 6 important offers from American and European investors have been received by OL and that other takeover proposals are expected in the coming days. Pathe and IDG hold 39% of the capital of OL Groupe, a company headed by Jean Michel Aulas listed at $140 million (a record since 2015). According to the source, potential buyers will begin meetings with management next week. In any case, Jean-Michel Aulas would like to have 28% of the shares of the company, which owns, among other things, the Groupama Stadium. Faced with the announcement made by the American media, Olympique Lyonnais nevertheless wanted to clarify the situation.

Lyon reacts to Bloomberg announcement

Picked up by big media like The Team Where Fellow this Thursday, the announcement of a takeover of OL prompted the club to clarify the situation, in particular reassuring the supporters about the state of its two shareholders. “Following the information published today in the media, OL Groupe recalls that Pathé and IDG Capital informed the market by a press release dated March 8, 2022 of the fact that they had decided to engage the Raine bank in to assess their strategic options regarding their respective stakes in OL Groupe, and that they had received expressions of interest from investors,” the club said in a statement.

Olympique Lyonnais also confirms the offers mentioned by Bloombergindicating that you want to complete the operation ” in the best possible conditions. OL Groupe confirms that it is aware of the fact that investors have expressed their interest in view of an operation allowing the withdrawal of Pathé and IDG Capital from its funding round. Some of them have also expressed their interest in participating in strengthening the company’s financial structure. OL Groupe’s General Management is mobilized to enable this process to be completed under the best possible conditions for the company and all of its shareholders, including its minority shareholders. However, as highlighted in today’s Bloomberg dispatch, taken up in particular by the Boursier.com website, there is no certainty that the work in progress will lead to an operation.

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