10 Best Free Crypto Airdrops In July 2022


One of the best ways to earn free crypto assets is via an airdrop. Blockchain projects often distribute tokens to active traders for free, or in exchange for a little promotional activity on social media.

Almost daily, there are new crypto airdrops, with some easier to obtain than others.

With this in mind, we’ve researched the best free crypto airdrops 2022. We also explain how crypto airdrops work and how to obtain some free tokens today with little effort.

The Best Free Crypto Airdrops for 2022

Investors can browse the best free crypto airdrops below to aid the decision-making process.

  1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best Free Crypto Airdrop For 2022
  2. Lucky Block – Global NFT Competitions Platform With Impressive Prizes
  3. Basic Attention Token – Claim Random Token Grants Worth 25-40 BAT
  4. D/Bond – DeFi 2.0 Platform Distributing 50 NFTs and $500,000 Worth of DBit Tokens
  5. StormGain – All-in-One Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Airdropping 25 USDT
  6. DeFi Chain – Free Crypto Airdrop Worth $30 For New Users
  7. SMART VALOR – Fully Serviced NASDAQ-Listed  Exchange With Upto $250 Worth of Free BTC
  8. Vinci Protocol – NFT-Backed Liquidity Market With Free Crypto Airdrop Pool Prize of 1 Million VCI Tokens
  9. Health Hero – Crypto Airdrop of 20,000 HLTHY Tokens to be Given Away
  10. Zora – Potential For Free Crypto Airdrop in the Future

We’ve included a variety of crypto airdrops to suit the varying goals of different investors.

Best Crypto Airdrops Reviewed

Below, investors can look at our full analysis of the top 10 free crypto airdrops available in [cur-year].

We talk about what crypto giveaways are up for grabs, as well as the project roadmap and other crucial information investors might need to know before proceeding.

1: Battle Infinity – Overall Best Free Crypto Airdrop For 2022

Numerous P2E titles (play-to-earn games) are hosted within the Battle Infinity ecosystem. IBAT, the native token of Battle Infinity, is currently up for presale at a low price for early investors. The project has a presale price of 1 BNB to 166,666.66 IBAT as of writing, which is based on a fixed BNB/USD exchange rate of $250.

That said, investors don’t need to buy IBAT in order to be part of the best crypto airdrop giveaway. This crypto airdrop will see Battle Infinity distributing $3,000 worth of IBAT. To be eligible, investors just need to complete basic tasks, for instance following Battle Infinity on social media.

To stay up to date with Battle Infinity’s upcoming crypto airdrops, investors can join the Telegram group. There are six divisions of the Battle Infinity platform, which includes an exciting new fantasy sports concept connected to NFTs and the metaverse. The Battle Store offers a number of exciting NFT assets.

Battle Infinity Airdrop

Battle Infinity Airdrop

This allows players to create their own dream team of NFTs that are based on real-life sports personalities. Fantasy NFT sports titles will include football, basketball, cricket, and more. The latter will come first and is based on the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Users can access the metaverse via Battle Infinity where they will be able to meet other players, all in the form of avatars. The Battle Infinity token – IBAT, has the potential to become India’s Polygon of the future.

Moreover, each and every game has an integrated version of the IBAT Battle Arena, the project’s metaverse domain. Users can play crypto games, interact with others, and even perform, watch, and explore the virtual Battle Arena. Thus immersing themselves in the entire Battle Infinity metaverse. As such, Battle Infinity could be gearing up to be the next Decentraland.

Read More: Visit the Battle Infinity homepage to explore the project’s whitepaper.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

2: Lucky Block – Global NFT Competition Platform With Impressive Prizes

This global NFT competition platform is a great alternative for those that can’t decide on the best crypto airdrop. This is a P2E platform with a difference. Every Friday, Lucky Block conducts a weekly main draw. A reward of up to $50,000 is allocated to the main prize draw and to be given out in LBLOCK tokens.

LBLOCK is the project’s native token and it was one of the best crypto presales in history. Lucky Block was the fastest digital currency to hit a market cap of $1 billion too. On this subject, version 1 of the LBLOCK token is listed on DEXs (Decentralized Exchanges). On the other hand, version 2 will be listed on CEXs (Centralized Exchanges).

From the perspective of current holders of the token on decentralized exchanges and in self-custody wallets, the original Binance Smart Chain-based (BEP20) version of the currency stays intact. Games, awards, and a sales tax of 12% will all be paid with the BEP20 token (V1).

Lucky Block NFT competition

Lucky Block NFT competition

Moreover, the same number of Binance Smart Chain-based V1 LBLOCK will be locked when the Ethereum-built V2 token is bought. The same rules apply to exchanges going the opposite way. The Ethereum bridge connects the two LBLOCK tokens, maintaining their cost parity and preventing the circulating supply from changing.

In terms of competition, investors who buy a Lucky Block NFT automatically become part of the ‘Platinum Rollers Club’. All Lucky Block NFT holders will be rewarded from the transaction fee pool on the platform. Furthermore, Platinum Roller NFT holders will be given free entry into the prize competition – for life.

As such, Lucky Block is behind one of the best NFTs to buy. Because it uses smart contracts, there is no need for centralized parties to be involved with the draw. Instead, the decentralized NFT competition is built on the blockchain and is fair and transparent.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

3: Basic Attention Token – Claim Random Token Grants Worth 25-40 BAT

The creator of Javascript has developed a platform for the digital advertising sector called Basic Attention Token. The native cryptocurrency is BAT. At the time of writing, the project is offering one of the best free crypto airdrops in the space.

First, a little about the project. Basic Attention Token tracks how much time and attention media consumers spend on websites when they use the Brave web browser. It was created on the Ethereum blockchain.

The goal is to effectively allocate funds between marketers, publishers, and consumers of online marketing material and advertisements. In terms of why Basic Attention Token made it on this list of the best crypto airdrops, investors can also earn by accepting random token donations of 25–40 BAT.

Basic Attention Token Airdrop 

Basic Attention Token Airdrop 

In order to be eligible for potential token grants, download Brave and turn on ‘Rewards’. Furthermore, new token awards are usually made available to eligible users on a monthly basis.

Basic Attention Token users receive 70% of the company’s ad income. To earn free BAT while browsing the web, simply download the Brave browser. Next, enable ‘Brave Adverts’ inside the browser, and agree to receive notifications of ads.

Token awards are available to users on a first-come, first-served basis once every 30 days. The market capitalization of BAT at the time of writing is just over $580 million.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

4: D/Bond – DeFi 2.0 Platform Distributing 50 NFTs and $500,000 Worth of DBit Tokens

D/Bond describes itself as a single platform on which all of its user’s financial needs can be met. The DeFi 2.0 platform allows users to create, trade, issue, and redeem financial derivatives and customized bonds.

In other words, users can create their own on-chain financial products, such as bonds that are backed by NFTs, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. So, why is D/Bond one of the best ways to earn free crypto? In a nutshell, D/Bond is giving away 50 NFTs and DBit tokens worth $500,000.

Those eligible will need to carry out a few social media activities. Users that qualify will receive 35 DBits, and may further increase earnings by making more referrals. D/Bond is compatible with all ERC-3475-compliant trades. A bond’s price drops once it is placed on the market, that is until it is purchased.

D/Bond Airdrop 

D/Bond Airdrop 

In addition to the standard ERC-20 storage solution, investors can choose the D/Bond wallet. No more regenerating private keys or downloading extra applications are needed as investors can see their ERC-3475 assets in one location.

Moreover, each bond or derivative is afforded a different algorithm, therefore an extra smart contract is not necessary. D/Bond is introducing its own collection of NFTs. Users can design NFTs at a discount or for free in some cases, simply by being whitelisted. D/NFTs are valued at $1,000.

5: StormGain – All-in-One Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Airdropping 25 USDT

StormGain is a universally accessible all-in-one cryptocurrency trading platform. This dynamic trading platform is for traders who wish to profit from the short-term rise or fall of the cryptocurrency market and also for long-term investments. It was designed to embrace convenience and simplicity.

This is one of the best crypto airdrops for anyone who wants to add some stablecoins to their portfolio. To encourage new users to sign up for an account on the site, StormGain is airdropping 25 USDT.

Storm Gain Airdrop 

Storm Gain Airdrop 

To redeem the bonus, join up with the promotional code ‘BONUS25’. Investors must deposit at least $100 USDT into the trading account in order to qualify. Furthermore, StormGain says users must mine cryptocurrency as well and get their first coins within 4 hours.

StormGain also rewards those who refer a friend to the platform. This results in earning 15% of the mined money that the recommended investors withdraw. Furthermore, for signing up, the user will receive 3 USDT from StormGain.

6: DeFi Chain – Free Crypto Airdrop Worth $30 For New Users

DeFi Chain is another top choice for those looking for the best crypto airdrops. Like the previously mentioned D/Bond, DeFi Chain is a blockchain designed exclusively for decentralized financial applications.

The DeFi Chain platform offers a decreased risk of error, intelligent feature development, and high transaction throughput. This allows users to expressly complete financial services on the blockchain by concentrating on its functionality and decentralization.

DeFi Chain Airdrop 

DeFi Chain Airdrop 

In terms of the free crypto airdrop, DeFi Chain and Cake DeFi are partnering to drop $30 worth of tokens to new users. To get this airdrop, users need to register for a Cake DeFi account, finish the verification process, and then deposit $50 worth of any cryptocurrency of their choosing.

Moreover, users can stake DFI for a 34.5% APY interest rate. Cake DeFi is a platform that gives investors the opportunity to manage their finances whilst creating a cash flow.

7: SMART VALOR – Fully Serviced NASDAQ-Listed Exchange With up to $250 Worth of Free BTC

For institutions and investors, SMART VALOR offers a dependable entry point to blockchain technology. The platform serves over 130 nations and lists more than 170 cryptocurrency trading pairs, metaverse assets, blockchain protocols, and DeFi offerings.

SMART VALOR is the first European digital asset exchange to be listed on the NASDAQ. In terms of how SMART VALOR allows investors to earn free crypto – 100 users that execute trades on the platform will receive $250 worth of BTC.

Smart Valor Airdrop 

Smart Valor Airdrop 

To be eligible for the upcoming airdrops, investors need to register for a free account on the SMART VALOR platform. Another stipulation is that users must execute transactions totaling at least $500. Based on the trading volume tier they attain, those 100 traders will be chosen to get rewards.

8: Vinci Protocol – NFT-Backed Liquidity Market With Free Crypto Airdrop Pool Prize of 1 Million VCI Tokens

This NFT-backed project known as the Vinci Protocol was created to provide liquidity within the lending ecosystem. The network also manages volatility with NFT-backed derivative products. The forthcoming crypto airdrop pool will be distributed to all qualified supporters of Vinci’s NFT campaign.

Users that perform easy activities will get a share of 1 million VCI through an airdrop. This indicates that 0.1% of the overall supply of VCI is up for grabs. Register for the airdrop to obtain entries, then go through some of the basic tasks listed in order to qualify.

Vinci Protocol Airdrop

Vinci Protocol Airdrop

Investors can gain additional entries with every referral as well. Based on the number of entries each user has, the entire pool will be allocated fairly. This is one of the best crypto airdrops for investors who are strapped for time, as the offer is on until the end of October 2022.

9: Health Hero – Crypto Airdrop of 20,000 HLTHY Tokens to be Given Away

The main goal of the P2E health platform Health Hero is to make sure that lifestyles can support basic necessities. The platform uses IoT/connected devices, modern DeFi, and gamified health interaction. It is decentralized, intelligent, and open.

Health Hero’s native utility token is HLTHY. Health Hero is offering one of the best free crypto airdrops of the year. A total of 20,000 HLTHY will be awarded to 2,000 fortunate giveaway participants. To participate, users need to register for the giveaway via the platform itself.

Health Hero Airdrop

Health Hero Airdrop

Next, perform some easy tasks. Tasks include following the project on Twitter with the handle ‘@gohealthhero’ and joining the project’s Discord server. Other tasks that can earn users free crypto include tweeting, retweeting, sharing a Polygon address, and joining the Health Hero Telegram group.

10: Zora – Potential For Free Crypto Airdrop in the Future

The Zora Platform is an NFT marketplace for artists that runs on the blockchain. That said, this is more than just an NFT marketplace. In fact, it is a media registry protocol. This means that Zora enables creators to publish their work in the form of NFTs and earn money from their content.

This covers various types of media such as photographs, GIFs, audio, video, and more. There are over a million NFTs for sale on the Zora platform. Zora V3 features various cutting-edge methods that encourage platforms to build on the protocol.

Zora Airdrop

Zora Airdrop

This is different from the other best free crypto airdrops on this list as a promotion has not been confirmed. That said, the project is likely to do so in the future. If Zora issues its own token, early adopters who have purchased, listed, or sold NFTs may get an airdrop.

In July 2022, Zora announced that it is collaborating on a substantial NFT ecosystem update with its game developer and financial partner. This will be made public on Zora’s Telegram and Discord.

What Are Crypto Airdrops?

Crypto airdrops are a marketing tactic used by digital asset businesses to advertise their new token and project. It entails giving away their own token to existing or future platform users.

Before investors can claim free tokens, they often need to perform easy promotional tasks like sharing posts on social media or joining the platform’s Telegram group.

Battle Infinity airdrop

Battle Infinity airdrop

There are several airdrop categories, and each cryptocurrency project has its own specifications. However, the objective of the majority of airdrops is to raise public awareness and interest in the initiative.

While some are completed automatically, others need to carry out a manual claim which generally entails opting in. In some cases, investors may have to buy cryptocurrencies or refer a friend.

How do Free Crypto Airdrops Work?

Airdrops, as we explained, are the free distribution of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. They work really well at engaging individuals in a project and grabbing the attention of a wide audience.

Let’s look at how free crypto airdrops work:

  • The majority of airdrops are of cryptocurrencies, although many also offer NFTs. NFT airdrops can be conducted for promotional purposes, just like crypto airdrops
  • There are a number of methods to become eligible for an airdrop. For example, there are instances when investors need to download a browser and enable adverts. Others offer airdrop crypto and NFTs for signing up for an account or executing trades within the ecosystem
  • Some crypto projects provide airdrops in exchange for network liquidity contributions or friend referrals. The best free crypto airdrops are given to investors just for working through basic everyday tasks
  • This can include following the project on Instagram and other social media sites. Investors keen on finding the best crypto airdrops will need a wallet, like MetaMask for instance. The wallet will be linked to the platform in question

Still confused why investors look for the best free crypto airdrops? Ultimately, the idea is usually to sell the earned tokens once they are listed on an exchange.

How to Get Free Crypto Airdrops

We reviewed a diverse range of free crypto airdrops for this guide.

We concluded that Battle Infinity is offering the best free crypto airdrop of 2022.

Follow the six steps outlined below to buy IBAT at the presale price – which is one of the best low-cap crypto gems in this market.

Step 1: Head to the Battle Infinity Platform

Get started by going to the Battle Infinity homepage. This will give investors the opportunity to read about the project in more detail than we have covered today.

battle infinity homepage

battle infinity homepage

The homepage also provides access to the official Battle Infinity whitepaper which can be downloaded.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

Step 2: Buy BNB

Investors must acquire BNB in order to purchase IBAT, Battle Infinity’s native token, as it is based on the Binance Smart Chain. It is just a simple matter of going to an appropriate exchange and placing an order.

BNB is the native token of Binance. As such, investors could go there to complete the purchase. Make sure this is at a value of at least 0.01 BNB, as that’s the minimum order for the IBAT presale.

As we touched on, it isn’t essential to own IBAT in order to receive crypto airdrops. That said, the Battle Infinity ecosystem runs on it, so holding it means investors can play games, buy NFTs, and gain exposure to the future value of the project.

Step 3: Download a Crypto Wallet

For those without a crypto wallet to store their digital assets, this is an integral part of accessing the best free crypto airdrops.

Many investors choose MetaMask because it is user-friendly and trusted by more than 30 million traders and investors worldwide.

This crypto wallet is offered as a cell phone application on both iOS and Android smartphones. The other option is to download the MetaMask wallet as an extension. In this case, it’s available on the Brave browser, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

Step 4: Transfer BNB Tokens to Wallet

To swap BNB for IBAT to use in the Battle Infinity metaverse, transfer the tokens purchased in step 2 into the MetaMask wallet.

The metrics below show what information should be pasted into each box when adding the BSc network to Metamask.

  • Network Name: Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:

After entering the above information, the wallet address can be copied from the field that says ‘Account 1’.

Step 5: Connect the MetaMask Wallet to the Battle Infinity Platform

The next step is to go back to the Battle Infinity platform and click the button that says ‘Launch Presale Dashboard’.


Select ‘Connect Wallet’, which will link the Battle Infinity presale platform to MetaMask. When prompted, confirm the connection between the presale platform and the MetaMask wallet to proceed.

Step 6: Buy IBAT at the Presale Price

The number of BNB tokens the investor wishes to exchange for IBAT must be entered into the relevant box.

Next, select ‘Buy IBAT’.


The minimum is 0.1 BNB or 166,666.66 IBAT at the time of writing. After confirming the purchase, the crypto tokens will be added to the MetaMask wallet.


This guide has revealed and ranked the best free crypto airdrops for 2022.

We found that overall, the best airdrop in the market right now is being offered by Battle Infinity. This up-and-coming project is giving away $3,000 worth of IBAT tokens.

This decentralized blockchain ecosystem has exciting NFT-based fantasy sports titles that are combined with the metaverse.

This free crypto airdrop is available to investors who complete simple tasks such as following Battle Infinity on social media. Check out the Battle Infinity Telegram group – as pinned messages will offer further updates on new crypto airdrops

Battle Infinity logo

Battle Infinity logo

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.



What is a crypto airdrop?

The widespread distribution of a virtual currency is known as a crypto airdrop. Typically, airdrops are free to receive, particularly if they are intended to advertise a new coin.

Are free crypto airdrops legit?

Although some free crypto airdrops are scams, many are legit. The best thing to do is research the project in full and see what will be required in order to receive free crypto tokens or NFTs.

What are the best free crypto airdrops?

The best free airdrop is offered by Battle Infinity, which is a fantasy sports and metaverse platform. Its native token – IBAT, is available on presale. Lucky Block is an NFT competition platform and a great alternative

How do I get free airdropped crypto?

There are many ways to get free airdropped crypto. This can include following the project on social media and completing basic tasks. In other cases, users simply need to get their crypto wallet address whitelisted. 

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