10 Best Crypto Giveaways In July 2022


Some of the top crypto projects in the market offer giveaways in the form of NFTs and digital currencies.

How investors can claim these prizes will depend on the project itself and can include everything from staking or referring a friend, to promoting a crypto token on social media.

To help clear the mist, this guide will detail the 10 best crypto giveaways for 2022. We also explain the easiest way to claim free crypto giveaways and offer some insight into how they work.

A Glance at the 10 Best Crypto Giveaways of 2022

To get started right now, investors can glance over the 10 best giveaways below to see the different types of promotions available:

  1. Battle Infinity Overall Best Crypto Giveaway for 2022
  2. Lucky BlockGlobally Accessible NFT Competitions Platform
  3. Morpher – Trading Platform Offering 100 MPH Plus Referral Tokens
  4. DeFi Chain – Decentralized Finance Platform With $30 Crypto Giveaway For New Sign Ups
  5. Basic Attention Token – Recieve 70% of Ad Income and Claim 40 Free Crypto Tokens
  6. Hashbon Rocket – Cross-Chain Decentralized Exchange With 10,000 HASH Token Giveaway
  7. BlockFi – Best Crypto Giveaway of BTC Tokens
  8. LandDAO – Crypto Giveaway With Metaverse Land Up For Grabs
  9. Dohrnii DAO – DHN Token Launch with Chance to Win $100,000 In Bitcoin
  10. Lottoland – Online Lottery With Free Crypto Giveaways in Bitcoin

As is clear, there is something for every crypto investor. Some give away their own token, whereas others offer fractional amounts of larger tokens like Bitcoin.

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Full Analysis of the 10 Best Crypto Giveaways 2022

Below is our complete analysis of the 10 best crypto giveaways for 2022. This should help our readers make a decisive choice.

That said, there is always the possibility to partake in more than one crypto giveaway at a time.

1: Battle Infinity – Overall Best Crypto Giveaway for 2022

Battle Infinity is offering the overall best free crypto giveaway. Importantly, the native cryptocurrency of this platform is IBAT. The Battle Infinity crypto giveaway will see $3,000 worth of IBAT tokens distributed to 100 lucky participants in its Telegram competition. Each individual giveaway ranges from $10 to $500.

Here’s a little bit about the project itself; Battle Infinity is a complete ecosystem that is made up of six different products. This includes Battle Swap, which makes it possible for all users to acquire IBAT tokens on a direct basis and exchange their free crypto giveaways for other currencies.

As such, this is comparable to a bank, only for digital assets instead of tangible cash. IBAT Battle Market is a place where artists can mint, sell and buy their digital artworks. The Battle Market also enables players to upgrade land, avatars, and even the game itself. Other elements of this project’s ecosystem include Battle Games.

Metaverse crypto giveaways

Metaverse crypto giveaways

This features numerous play-to-earn games connected to the metaverse. The IBAT Premier League is a fantasy sports game built on the blockchain, which is connected to an immersive digital world. Sports include cricket, which is based on the Indian Premier League (IPL), as well as football and basketball.

This project is gearing up to be the next Splinterlands or Axie Infinity, so keen blockchain gamers will be lining up to grab IBAT on presale. First, investors must link their cryptocurrency wallets in order to access their account and play the game – and we explain how to do this later.

IBAT is a BEP-20 crypto token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain. The fixed BNB/USD exchange rate used by IBAT is $250. 1 BNB token, therefore, buys 166,666 IBAT at the time of writing. The minimum presale investment is 0.01 BNB.

Read More: Join the Battle Infinity Telegram to learn more about the project’s crypto giveaway. The project’s whitepaper can be found on the Battle Infinity website.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

2: Lucky Block – Best Globally Accessible NFT Competition Platform

Lucky Block is a great alternative for investors looking for the best crypto giveaways. This is a multifaceted NFT competition platform. There are many ways for players to receive rewards. One such way is to buy Lucky Block NFTs.

Upon doing so, investors are added to the Platinum Rollers Club and earn rewards in LBLOCK. The platform runs an NFT draw every Friday, and those in the Platimum Rollers Club are automatically entered into the competition.

In addition to offering one of the best NFTs to buy, there is the main draw, which offers a prize giveaway of up to $50,000 paid in LBLOCK, the platform’s native cryptocurrency. Investors can cash out LBLOCK rewards, or they can simply hold onto them in order to benefit from the long-term growth of this NFT competition platform.

Lucky Block best NFT competition platform

Lucky Block best NFT competition platform

Other NFT competitions and giveaways include the chance to win $1 million worth of Bitcoin. Also up for grabs is a 5-star holiday, a Bored Yacht Club NFT, a Lamborghini, a $1 million house, games consoles, and even a VIP FIFA World Cup package for sports fans.

The token may be designed to add features like voting rights since Lucky Block is based on the blockchain. Holders of LBLOCK tokens have the ability to exercise these rights as a component of network governance.

10% of each jackpot prize pool will be donated to charitable organizations. The charity that should be sponsored can be chosen by LBLOCK token holders as part of the voting system. Investors can join the conversation and stay up to date with Lucky Block via the Discord server.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

3: Morpher – Trading Platform Offering 100 MPH Plus Referral Tokens

Morpher is a trading platform. This platform doesn’t just offer cryptocurrencies, as users may also trade commodities, equities, and forex with zero fees. Tim Draper’s venture capital fund is supporting this endeavor.

The platform has launched MPH, its native cryptocurrency. Like many other DeFi (Decentralized Finance) currencies, MPH is an ERC20 token that is based on the Ethereum platform.

Morpher crypto givaway

Morpher crypto givaway

As such, MPH is natively interoperable with almost all crypto wallets and exchanges. Morphern’s crypto giveaway will see users get 100 MPH for free simply for signing up and supporting the project. It’s also possible to earn an additional 50 MPH for each referral.

Investors will be required to head over to the crypto giveaway page via the Morpher platform to claim their free tokens. To start, sign up to the Morpher platform and connect a crypto wallet. Next, complete the basic KYC process, redeem the tokens and then add them to the crypto wallet.

4: DeFi Chain – Decentralized Finance Platform With $30 Crypto Giveaway For New Sign Ups

DeFi Chain is a blockchain designed exclusively for decentralized financial applications. The DeFi blockchain offers an unmatched high transaction throughput. The project uses intelligent feature development expressly to complete financial services on the blockchain.

To receive a 37% APY interest rate, stake DFI coins on Cake. By generating cash flow and utilizing the potential of decentralized finance, Cake is a platform that gives investors the authority to manage their finances.

DeFi crypto giveaway

DeFi crypto giveaway

New users can claim crypto giveaways of DFI tokens valued at $30 from DeFi Chain and Cake DeFi. To get the incentives, register for a Cake DeFi account, finish the verification process and deposit $50 worth of any cryptocurrency. Additionally, investors will receive $10 in DFI for each referral.

After entering the referral link, investors can claim $30 of DFI. Investors will also receive $10 for each successful referral to the platform. Importantly, the crypto giveaway rewards will be locked for 180 days within the platform’s Confectionary program, during which time, 37% interest is earned automatically.

5: Basic Attention Token – Recieve 70% of Ad Income and Claim 40 Free Crypto Tokens

The Basic Attention Token makes use of the Brave web browser and the Ethereum network. On the Brave platform, the BAT is the unit of exchange for buying various advertising services. The income is exchanged between advertisers, publishers, and users.

In a nutshell, BAT’s creators want to improve the digital advertising experience for publishers, advertisers, and consumers by recording user interactions and storing the data in a distributed ledger. Less advertising will be presented to users, and the material will be more individualized.

Basic Attention Token crypto giveaway

Basic Attention Token crypto giveaway

Users receive 70% of Basic Attention Token’s advertising earnings. To earn free BAT while surfing the web, download the Brave browser. Next, activate ‘Brave Ads’ within it, and turn on the browser’s alert system.

Moreover, users can claim 25 to 40 BAT. Free crypto giveaways like this are usually made available each month. To take part, turn on ‘Brave Rewards’. When a grant becomes available, a notice will be shown on the ‘Rewards’ symbol.

6: Hashbon Rocket – Cross-Chain Decentralized Exchange With 10,000 HASH Token Giveaway

Recently developed cross-chain decentralized exchange supports BSC and Ethereum blockchain tokens. As a result, any digital assets created on one of these two blockchains may be exchanged for another ERC-20 or BSC token without leaving the ecosystem.

HASH is the project’s native token. The Hashbon FiRe crypto payment network, enabled by both DeFi and CeFi devices, is powered by the utility BEP-20 and ERC-20 token HASH. The project’s decentralized cross-chain token exchange is called Hashbon Rocket.

Hashbon Rocket crypto giveaway

Hashbon Rocket crypto giveaway

The project is looking to commemorate its accomplishments in 2022 and enter the new Hashbon FiRe circle, as well as change Hasbon Rocket from CeFi to DeFi. As such, eligible members of the Hashbon Community who sign up will receive 10,000 HASH tokens as part of the free crypto giveaway promotion

Moreover, to further encourage users to stake, the project just launched its official Hashbon Rocket referral program. This gives HASH holders APYs up to 171%.

7: BlockFi – Best Crypto Giveaway of BTC Tokens

BlockFi describes itself as a holistic trading platform for crypto enthusiasts. The platform offers a multitude of financial products, such as crypto rewards, loans, and financial products. To welcome new users, BlockFi is offering a free crypto giveaway of $10 worth of BTC.

To qualify for the BTC rewards and referral benefits, users simply need to open an account at BlockFi. Investors also need to complete KYC verification and then deposit at least $100 worth of any cryptocurrency into a BlockFi interest account.

BlockFi crypto giveaway

BlockFi crypto giveaway

Importantly, users must hold the tokens in their account for at least 30 days. Moreover, investors who opt for a BlockFi rewards credit card will qualify for a free crypto giveaway of $30 in Bitcoin. This applies to the first five recommendations.

Additionally, investors will receive interest on crypto deposits, which stands at up to 9.3% APY at the time of writing. The amount depends on the token held.

8: LandDAO – Crypto Giveaway With Metaverse Land Up For Grabs

With the help of the investing platform LandDAO, any investor can buy and manage metaverse property. All of this is made feasible via DAO-based protocol governance and fractionalized index pools.

A comprehensive business strategy used by LandDAO and DLS (the parent company of LandDAO) involves a number of mutually supportive and interconnected products and directions.

Moreover, LandDAO is arguably the best crypto giveaway for those interested in digital property development.



This is because a free crypto giveaway of 90 million LAND tokens is being rewarded. This applies to a variety of different digital landowners from 21 metaverse projects. Digital landowners from Decentraland, Treeverse, the Sandbox, Somnium Space, and Cryptovoxels are eligible.

This also includes those who already own land in digital worlds such as Byoverse, Influence Asteroids,  MatrixWorld, and many more. In order to claim LAND tokens for the best crypto games, investors need to connect a MetaMask ETH wallet.

Notably, the number of LAND tokens received will be dependent on the number of lands held by the wallet, in terms of ETH.

9: Dohrnii DAO – DHN Token Launch With a Chance to Win $100,000 In Bitcoin

One of the best crypto giveaways for Bitcoin investors is offered by Dohrnii DAO. To celebrate the launch of its native token, Dohrnii DAO is offering a huge free crypto giveaway. DHN is on Binance Smart Chain, Matic, and VeChain networks.

According to the platform, there is $100,000 worth of Bitcoin up for grabs. The Dohrnii DAO platform is made up of a community of crypto enthusiasts who want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to access and buy digital assets.

To this end, they utilize the Dohrnii Academy to promote financial and cryptographic knowledge. Moreover, the Dohrnii Marketplace assists both investors and content producers alike. As is fairly typical with DAO platforms, voting is the primary method of decision-making.

DohrniiDAO crypto giveaway

DohrniiDAO crypto giveaway

The amount of voting power an investor has over DHN will be inversely proportional to the number of tokens they hold at the time. The prize terms state that the investor must purchase at least 500 DHN tokens and stake for a minimum of six months.

The investor must also send proof of the staking to the platform via its Telegram group. Finally, they must like and retweet the giveaway.

10: Lottoland – Online Lottery Platform With Jackpots in Bitcoin

Any investors who are deciding where to play the online lottery and receive their winnings in crypto assets need to look no further than Lottoland. Lottoland is a platform that enables players to access a wide variety of lotteries from around the world.

This includes everywhere from the UK and Ireland to Poland. Due to the wide variety of games available, players can also buy lottery tickets from major draws such as the PowerBall and MegaMillions.

Lottoland crypto giveaway

Lottoland crypto giveaway

The Lottoland platform will appeal to cryptocurrency investors as well as players because it has a ‘Bitcoin Lotto’ option.

At the time of writing, the Bitcoin lottery jackpot is at 290 BTC. The platform states that 1 out of 7 bets are guaranteed to win a prize on the platform. The draws occur on a daily basis between Monday and Saturday.

Free Crypto Giveaways: How do They Work?

There are several methods to acquire free digital currencies, and one of them is by seeking out the best crypto giveaways.

Here’s a quick outline of what they are:

  • Crypto giveaways are a form of distribution in which developers deliver free coins to multiple cryptocurrency wallet addresses
  • Sometimes, new crypto projects offer free digital currencies and NFTs in an effort to increase acceptance or awareness of the token in question
  • Some crypto giveaways are released almost every month, giving individuals the chance to get free digital tokens on a regular basis
  • The best play-to-earn games offer crypto giveaways that can be used to pay for goods in the metaverse or even swapped for other digital assets in a marketplace within the ecosystem

Below, we’ve detailed some of the ways in which investors can access the best crypto giveaways:

  • Some platforms offer free crypto giveaways for signing up and showing support for the project in question
  • Others award investors with free crypto for staking and holding their assets for a specific amount of time
  • Investors can sometimes earn free crypto for referring friends or mining
  • In some cases, the platform will need investors to agree to turn on browser ads to earn digital tokens
  • Many projects require signup, completion of the KYC process, and a minimum deposit or investment
  • In one of the crypto giveaways we talked about today, investors must already own metaverse land to qualify
  • Buying an NFT from the platform’s collection can also make investors eligible for giveaways

As we talked about earlier, Battle Infinity, the overall best crypto giveaway of 2022, is offering 100 participants between $10 and $500 worth of IBAT.

All users have to do is participate in the projects Telegram group.

Access All of Battle Infinity’s Giveaways in Six Simple Steps

By following the six-step walkthrough we’ve detailed below, investors can buy IBAT tokens, the cryptocurrency that powers the Battle Infinity ecosystem.

Step 1: Head Over to the Battle Infinity Platform

Start by opening the Battle Infinity homepage to see more about the platform’s exciting giveaways as well as the project as a whole.

battle infinity homepage

battle infinity homepage

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product. 

Step 2: Buy BNB Tokens

IBAT is based on the Binance Smart Chain, so investors will need to purchase some BNB first. This is as easy as placing an order on a platform like Binance and adding the BNB to a wallet.

Just a reminder that the minimum presale IBAT investment is 0.01 BNB and the maximum is 500 BNB.

Step 3: Choose a Crypto Wallet

MetaMask is the wallet of choice for many investors. This can be added as an extension and is supported by well-known browsers such as Brave, Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.



Alternatively, MetaMask is offered as an app wallet on Android and iOS devices and can be downloaded from the relevant store.

Step 4: Transfer BNB Tokens to Wallet

At this stage, the user will need to add the Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask.

Simply copy and paste the below information in the corresponding fields:

  • Network Name: Smart Chain
  • New RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 56
  • Symbol: BNB
  • Block Explorer URL:

Where it says ‘Account 1’, copy the BSc wallet address. Then, transfer the BNB tokens to this address. 

Step 5: Connect the MetaMask Wallet to the Battle Infinity Platform

To connect the previously downloaded MetaMask wallet, go to Battle Infinity’s homepage and select ‘Launch Presale Dashboard’


This enables investors to buy IBAT at the presale price. Click ‘Connect Wallet’ and confirm the connection when prompted.

Step 6: Buy IBAT Tokens at the Presale Price

Next, click ‘Buy IBAT’ and enter the number of BNB tokens in the corresponding box so the platform knows how much is to be exchanged for IBAT.

This must be 0.1 BNB or more, which will allow early investors to buy 166,666.66 IBAT as of writing. Confirm to add the IBAT tokens to the MetaMask wallet.


In this guide, we’ve reviewed the best crypto giveaway for all kinds of investors. As we talked about, the way in which investors are eligible for rewards will depend on the project.

This can vary between promotional tasks like a re-tweet, registering an account with the platform, and staking a certain amount of tokens to qualify.

The overall best place to find giveaways is Battle Infinity. This is an impressive ecosystem of fantasy sports games, a metaverse, marketplace, swap shop, and much more.

The Battle Infinity token is called IBAT and it’s available at a great presale price for those who get in early. Not only that, but giveaways are available on the Battle Infinity Telegram group.

Battle Infinity logo

Battle Infinity logo


Is it possible to get cryptocurrency for free?

Yes. Cryptocurrency is offered as a free giveaway by many blockchain projects. This is otherwise known as a crypto airdrop and will usually involve carrying out tasks such as joining a Telegram group or sharing a post on social media. Giveaways are offered as cryptocurrencies and also NFTs.

Where to find free crypto?

Investors can find free crypto by carrying out plenty of research and checking sites such as Airdrops.io. We like Battle Infinity and Lucky Block as both offer exciting giveaways with little effort for the investor. 

Which platforms offer the best crypto giveaways?

The best place to find free crypto is Battle Infinity. This metaverse, NFT, and gaming ecosystem is building a host of products and is currently offering a free crypto giveaway via its Telegram group.   

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