💥 Les premières indiscrétions sur le projet de Laurent Batlles ⋆ Peuple-Vert.fr - Foot - ASSE

💥 Les premières indiscrétions sur le projet de Laurent Batlles ⋆ Peuple-Vert.fr – Foot – ASSE

It is in total discretion that Laurent Batlles develops his sports reconstruction project for ASSE. In @actusainte’s Twitter space, Mohamed Toubache-Ter delivered some indiscretions on the backstage of the Stéphanois transfer window with already some indications on sought-after profiles and names that are emerging…

The ASSE transfer window will be lively. With a team to rebuild, many positions will have to be reinforced in order to compensate for the departures recorded during the off-season. Laurent Batlles works together with Loïc Perrin. A list has already been drawn up and it seems that what the recruitment director had anticipated is perfectly suited to the technician from Saint-Etienne.

No loaned players!

Laurent Batlles’ first request to his leaders is not to recruit a player on loan. You have to see the will of the Saint-Etienne coach to be able to count on players who are fully invested, projecting themselves 100% into the Saint-Etienne project. The idea is certainly to build a team over time and therefore to stabilize a workforce which for 3 seasons has been either weakened by the departure of executive players, or turned upside down by the arrival of second knives bought or loaned in panic…

Laurent Batlles will also be very attentive to the state of mind of the players who will join AS St-Etienne. It will be a question of ensuring the balance of the locker room. In his time, Christophe Galtier also attached great importance to the personality of the men he recruited. In this, if some players currently under contract wish to express the wish to leave the club, Laurent Batlles does not wish to take them to La Plagne where the Greens will camp for their pre-season internship.

The team will not be rebuilt, it will be built!

AS St-Etienne has embarked on a vast project, not reconstruction as we mentioned above, but construction. According to Mohamed Toubache-Ter, the will is to build and not to raise ruins. Laurent Batlles arrives at the club with ideas, game principles, a philosophy and also the certainty that his project will be followed by sufficient means to make it happen.

Thus, ASSE will give a very, very strong signal before the recovery by hiring some very interesting confirmed players. Anthony Briançon is one of those executives who are targeted to build the Saint-Etienne defense and supervise certain young people who are sure to be integrated into the professional group. He is not the only one, and if the names filter little to date (which is rather a good sign), we must expect real reinforcements allowing us to be ambitious from the season which will open in less two months.

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Romain Hamouma has a proposal, Zinedine Ferhat will not come!

Among the players at the end of the contract who could extend, there is Romain Hamouma. The talented attacking midfielder whose fragility has become legendary, would have a contract proposal in his hands. Currently on vacation, the man who has gone through a decade in Green could therefore still be back for a season in Ligue 2. ASSE, his club of almost always, could thus convince him to play extra time when he seemed close to hang up the cleats a fortnight ago.

Concerning the Ferhat file, ASSE is no longer in the race for its signature. Close to repatriating him in the form of a loan last January, the attacking midfielder, at the end of his contract at Nîmes Olympique, declined the offer from Saint-Etienne. Mohamed Toubache-Ter indicates that “Ferhat had given his word to commit to ASSE in the event of retention. The day after relegation, Perrin called him to ask him if there was an opening. Ferhat’s response: “For L2 c is unthinkable!” “.

Etienne Green on the start… De Sousa will not come!

The priority right now is to lock down the goalkeeper and striker positions. ASSE is already anticipating a departure from Etienne Green. The new English Espoir international seems reluctant to continue the adventure in the Saint-Etienne jersey. With a good rating on the market, he could be one of those players who will bring cash to the club.

Finally, behind the scenes, Luis de Sousa, former sports director of ESTAC, was announced to ASSE by several media. Currently working in Vilafrancence (Portuguese D2) there was talk that he could play a role in recruiting ASSE during the off-season. It will be nothing to believe Mr. Toubache-Ter.

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