Pourquoi la veille marketing est-elle indispensable dans votre stratégie digitale ?

▷ Why is marketing monitoring essential in your digital strategy?


To remain competitive, a company needs to set up a marketing watch, to be aware of news in its sector of activity, to find out about market developments or to know its e-reputation. By collecting and analyzing all the information about it on the web, it can implement a digital marketing strategy corresponding to its brand image, but also to customer expectations. So let’s take stock of the essential reasons for setting up a marketing watch for your company…

Monitor your e-reputation

For your company to be able to perform continuously and keep up with the constant evolution of the market, it must adapt to new communication technologies and mark its presence on the Internet. You must therefore make sure to stay on the lookout for what is being said about your business on social networks, forums and specialized sites.

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The comments exchanged between Internet users, the positive or negative Google opinions, influence the sale of your products and your e-reputation. Digital monitoring is, in this context, essential to react according to the situation. If it turns out to be negative, you need to be able to put an end to it quickly, by taking the disgruntled user aside and offering them a better alternative to what disappointed them.

Digital monitoring is a way for you to protect against the crises that this can cause, and to limit the spread and devastating effects of bad buzz. In addition, this has the effect of improving the image of your company with your customers and undecided Internet users.

Monitor competitors

Any self-respecting business leader should take the time to find out what’s going on with the competition. Establishing a competitive analysis must be maintained over the long term to be effective. It is for you to collect all the information available online on your competitors, to know its evolution on the market, but also to learn more about their marketing strategy.

The goal is to better understand how successful companies work and try to learn from their methods to overcome them. It is by no means a question of copying them, but of finding an even more innovative and eye-catching formula that will appeal to your target audience and allow your existing clientele to identify with your brand.

Listening to your customers

Digital monitoring is also an opportunity for you to listen to your customers. Having feedback on the quality of your products or services will help you improve them. You should know that consumers, whether in real life or on the Internet, discuss among themselves what they have bought, the restaurants they have visited, the shops where they have purchased or the services they solicited. They give them points according to their level of satisfaction, put them in their favorite if they consider them to meet their expectations.

These feedbacks should not be ignored as they help you stay competitive by always maintaining high quality. It is also a way to establish a contact relationship with your customers.

Follow the evolution of marketing trends

But the satisfaction of your customers also depends on monitoring marketing trends. This is one of the reasons for the digital watch. Indeed, digital marketing has been perfected over the years. You should therefore regularly update yourself and ensure that you are up to date with how technologies work today. Besides, do not hesitate to train yourself to be aware of the latest trends.

This certifying webmarketing training offers several modules and practical cases to perfectly master the subject.

If you are old school when it comes to SEO, for example, you will find that techniques are changing. Google’s algorithms are more demanding and emphasize content quality. If your site is not appearing in the first pages of search engine results, it means that your SEO is outdated.

Still in terms of SEO, make sure your site is well optimized for voice search or on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter for example. The watch will also allow you to have at least a notion of the techniques used by marketing influencers.

Knowing the market in which you operate is imperative, because it demonstrates that you are ready to overcome your competitors, in particular by opting for the right marketing strategies and by taking the time to look carefully at what is best in your sector.


Digital marketing monitoring allows you to obtain feedback from your customers, understand their expectations, but also to comply with the requirements of your sector of activity. It helps you to be more responsive and to offer ever more innovative products and services. When it comes to innovation, it is by no means about creating something totally new, but about improving existing products or services.

You can also obtain information that leads you to adapt your offers, so that they are more in line with a new target for example. To be even more effective, do not hesitate to use monitoring tools such as Google Alerts and many others.

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