Les 10 indicateurs SEO les plus importants que vous ne devez pas cesser de mesurer

▷ The 10 most important SEO indicators that you should not stop measuring


Do you want to improve the visibility of your website? Have you ever tried all the digital marketing strategies and you think they are not giving the expected results?

In any company that has its own website, it is very important to carry out actions ofInbound Marketing aiming to position the website as high as possible in search engines. The goal is to be more present, to attract more quality traffic to the site and to make more sales.

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Nowadays, most companies, and even small entrepreneurs, seek to optimize their websites through SEO optimization techniques or search engine optimization. But have you ever wondered if you really do it well? Have you measured the effectiveness of your SEO optimization?

If you are not sure to implement your actions well, you will discover in this article are the main SEO indicators and how to measure their results in order to make decisions, correct errors and achieve continuous improvement of your results. .

What are SEO indicators?

These are the parameters related to our website that we can follow to compare the different techniques implemented.

It is important not to confuse them with KPI indicators, which are key indicators related to the level of achievement of a pre-established objective, in a given period of time, and which will tell us if, for example, an SEO technique is successful or not. Indicators do not necessarily define it, but they serve to verify and monitor results.

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There are many indicators or metrics to take into account and analyze in terms of SEO to know if we are taking the right path on our website.

Below are the ones that we think are the most important and that you should measure if you want to monitor the performance of your strategies to improve the positioning of your website.

Total and organic traffic

This is one of the most important and refers to the number of visits to a website.

A good way to measure it is to compare the number of visits during the same period of the previous year.

When we talk about organic traffic, which is the one that has value in terms of SEO, we are talking about users who arrived at the website by searching in search engines on their own and not , for example, through advertising links on other websites. An improvement in this indicator will show you that your visibility has increased and that you are integrating quality content on your website.

Moreover, it is not only the number of visits that is important, but also their origin, the duration of these visits and any other parameter that seems relevant to you in determining whether or not you meet your target audience.

Organic visibility

It is also of great importance and it measures the amount of traffic compared to other websites, that is, it compares the visibility of your site on Google, which will define its positioning in the search engine.

This will allow you to determine if the development of your sector is carried out correctly, according to the SEO strategy. If you have good visibility, your website is performing well.


This is the number of times and duration that your website URLs appear in Google results. It depends on the search engine’s ability to properly crawl, analyze and rank your website.

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The bounce rate speaks to the quality of visits, as it represents the number of users who entered your site, but left without interacting with it.

If the bounce rate is high, your website positioning is affected and you can also conclude that something is wrong with the first impression of your site, so you need to analyze what it is and improve it. Your site design may not be attractive, the interaction may be difficult, or the content may not be relevant.

Dwell time

The time a user stays on your page shows how relevant your content is and how happy the user is. It can also improve engagement on your site, as the user enjoys the content posted.

Key words

The use of keywords is of great importance if you want to reach the right audience and in order to improve your strategy you must monitor the position of your key words in search engines and those of your competitors.

Compare word searches on Google and compare yourself to your competitors to see if the words you are using are actually driving traffic to your website.

external links or backlinks are a valuable tool for SEO. These are the links that redirect to your site and are placed on other web pages to receive quality traffic, in search of quality content.

These backlinksif used correctly and without abuse, will improve your authority and SEO positioning. It is important to use them correctly and that Google does not detect them as suspicious or unnatural links, which will penalize you in SEO.

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Internal links

Just like external links, internal links on your website are also valuable and can lead to higher search engine rankings. Content creators who insert links to other pages related to the content of their posts generate better indexing. That is to say, a greater ease of appearance of the website in search engines and a better distribution of authority.

Conversion rate

Measuring your website conversions, for example, against the same month of the previous year will help you know if the new traffic you received is quality traffic.

The conversion rate will then determine whether you apply your SEO strategy well, because it defines the proportion of your traffic that actually turns into conduct (user who shows interest in your brand’s services/products, becoming a potential customer)which is what you are looking for.


It is important that the website has a good speed, because it is a determining factor for positioning and for conversion.

A website that is fast and does not take long to load will encourage users to interact with the page and reduce the bounce rate.

Keep in mind that some items directly affect the loading speed, for example, heavy images or media files, a accommodation poor quality and too many redirects, among others.

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Top Tools to Monitor SEO Metrics

We’ve already talked about SEO metrics, but they don’t measure themselves. If you want to start measuring your website metrics, you must first define your goals, so that you can then analyze your progress.

The objectives being already defined, we are going to tell you about the 3 most popular tools to analyze the metrics of websites in terms of positioning and performance in search engines.

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Google Analytics

This is a well-known free data analysis tool from Google, from which you can get a large amount and variety of information about your website. You will mainly find traffic and user behavior, which will help you assess the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.

Some of the most relevant SEO-related data you can analyze with Google Analytics are:

  • Users per hour;
  • Traffic sources;
  • Seen pages ;
  • Most visited sections;
  • Rebound rate ;
  • Session duration;
  • Conversion rate;
  • Demographic data and geographical location of users;
  • Technological access devices.

Google Search Console

This is another well-known free tool from Google that basically allows you to analyze and monitor your site’s presence in the search engine. It also gives you the ability to troubleshoot unusual situations on your site and find solutions to performance errors, such as sudden indexing drops.

Here are some of the most important metrics that can be analyzed on Google Search Console:

  • Level of indexing and resolution of associated errors;
  • Traffic;
  • Mobile usage issues;
  • Speed ​​;
  • Click on the name.


It is also a very useful and widely used tool for measuring SEO metrics. It is not free, but it offers a free trial version with limited functions.

Its main advantage is that it analyzes and compares a large number of SEO metrics. Some metrics and relationships can be analyzed by this tool:

  • Analysis of the site’s backlinks and comparison with other websites;
  • Most relevant keywords and their positioning;
  • Comparison with the strategies of other websites.


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Following positioning techniques is essential for any business if it does not want to be left behind by the competition. However, it is not enough to apply marketing strategies; it is also important to check them monthly to find out if everything is going well or if the strategy needs to be optimized.

SEO indicators and their results are very useful for decision-making and for the evolution of your site and, therefore, your business and your profits.

But do not be in a hurry to make decisions, the implementation of an SEO strategy does not offer immediate results. The speed of the results will be influenced by the age of your website, the type of activity, the competition and the type of strategy used.

It is important to monitor these metrics monthly and wait at least 3 months to start seeing good end results.

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