Les 10 principaux leviers pour se lancer en webmarketing

▷ The 10 main levers to get started in web marketing


Faced with your many competitors online, you must, as a good self-respecting entrepreneur, use various webmarketing levers to increase your turnover. To get started in web marketing and develop your activity on the Internet, these 10 main levers should not be overlooked…

These levers of digital marketing can above all be classified into three kinds of categories.

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  • Levers outside your website

The majority of the levers you will use are linked to your website. Nevertheless, some of them can be implemented outside of this medium. They concern the various actions concerning your paid or natural referencing, your partners as well as your affiliation contracts.

  • The levers on your website

Many levers can be exploited on your website. To use them effectively, you must already know that this medium is essential to the success of your digital marketing strategy. Thus, its presentation must be optimized. It must also be “responsive” and available in a mobile version.

On social networks, you have the opportunity to create a community of loyal customers and prospects. With your ads and content, you can attract your target audience and convert your subscribers into customers. In order to be effective, your social media strategy requires the intervention of ambassadors, influencers, prescribers, partner sites…

The main levers of digital marketing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Natural referencing or the SEO approach improves your visibility on search engines. It can be used for your videos, images and texts to optimize the position of your website.

SEA or Search Engine Advertising

SEA consists of paid advertising on search engines. With auctioned keywords that you have paid for on Google Ads or another system, your ad will appear at the top of the results in order to attract as many prospects as possible.

Partnerships and affiliation

Affiliation consists of advertising your services, products or even your company. In addition to reaching another kind of audience, your partner shows that you offer a quality service or product. When a prospect shows interest in your offer and becomes your customer, your partner receives a percentage of the sale they contributed to. Remember, however, that the videos published outside your site are also an essential lever to make you known.

Optimizing your site

To encourage visitors to become your future customers, you must present them with an ergonomic site and offer them an optimal user experience:

  • A simplified home page with the different universes;
  • A blog that reinforces your content marketing strategy;
  • A graphic universe in line with your field of activity;
  • A highlighting of current promotions;
  • Detailed product sheets;
  • Well-presented products with a main menu and sub-categories;
  • Various elements proving your reliability and your seriousness: contact details, legal notices, trust marks…

Quick and easy accessibility

To increase your chances of quickly reaching your target, your site must be “responsive”. Whether using mobile, tablet or computer, your pages should load quickly and be easy to read. In addition, it is important that the information sought is simply and quickly accessible.

A mobile version

With the Mobile First index introduced by Google in 2016, you can optimize the SEO of your website by offering a mobile version of it. This indexing method was implemented in response to the observation that the search rate on mobile is higher than on computer.

Regular and relevant content

Regularly produce quality content that responds to the issues and needs of your readers. This is essential for attracting prospects and converting them into customers.

Social Media Optimization or SMO

With the SMO, you can improve your e-reputation and contact new prospects on social networks. By creating a community around your company, you can improve your company’s visibility on social media.

To get pages that load quickly on mobiles, for example, install the AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin from Google. In addition, with Hootsuite, you have the possibility to schedule posts by choosing the appropriate audience time.


This professional network allows you to market your products and maintain your professional network. In order to optimize your business page, consider:

  • Create your business page to present your services;
  • Integrate a few groups in which you will take part in the discussions;
  • Stay active;
  • Fill in the links that lead to your website or blog by adding a call to action;
  • Personalize each of your messages by explaining to your interlocutor the reasons why you want them to be part of your network.


Share topical information with immediate effect on Twitter. In this case, be sure to:

  • Be friendly by welcoming your new subscribers with a private message. Also remember to respond when your name is mentioned and when someone shares your content, thank them.
  • Pay special attention to your spelling. You must also check your sources to effectively monitor your e-reputation.
  • Highlight your content theme with hashtags.
  • Post tweets with different sizes.

To know more

To learn to implement an effective webmarketing strategy adapted to your target and your marketing objectives, take a look at this certification course “Growing your business with web marketing”.

From social networks to natural referencing, via email marketing and influence marketing, you will have the keys to gaining visibility and developing your business thanks to web marketing.

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